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Your Sustainable Income

Helping soulful entrepreneurs to grow their business in a heartfelt way.
Authentically and naturally aligned with who they truly are.
Honest, trustworthy business and marketing strategies.

Transformational Systems Wisdom™

Teaching professionals, who help change people’s thinking patterns
and behaviour, a unique toolkit to work at a deeper level.
And for the soulful entrepreneur to explore and embrace their authenticity.

Your Sustainable Income

Empowering You With a Personalised Plan
to Take Your Business to The Next Level

Your business income is only sustainable if it meets your financial needs. If the way getting there is aligned with who you truly are. And how you choose to show up in the world. But that alignment and choice can be difficult in itself, don’t you agree?

Do you want or need to…

  • Understand your own iconic style, but you’re not sure what makes you truly unique?
  • Make a change in your business, but you’re not sure what direction to take?
  • Choose to implement your best idea, but you have so many ideas and can’t make up your mind?
  • Simplify how to attract a steady flow of your ideal clients, but you feel lost in the marketing and social media jungle?
  • Find your way back on track because you have lost yourself, running your business in a way that doesn’t express your heart and soul?
  • Add a more authentic, bold and courageous YOU in your business, but procrastination, distractions, overwhelm and self-doubt are blocking your path?

Do one or more of these desires to change resonate with you?

Or maybe everything is going well and your business is doing great. Everyone is excited about your success. And yet you feel restless, empty and disconnected. You should be happy, but you’re not…? You feel something isn’t right, but what exactly…?

Is it business serendipity that you are reading this today?

Today you have become aware that something needs to change to truly live your vision. Answering the questions on this page allows you to connect with yourself at a deeper level, because the daily get-stuff-done whirlwind kept you at the surface level. Is this page like a golden nugget to you? Do you feel an inner urge to make your dream and vision a reality, and especially in a way that feels good?

Now you have a choice:
struggle on your own or get a naturally honest guide

Your track splits in two paths: continue to struggle on your own or get a naturally honest business coach as your transformational guide.
Which path do you choose?

Working with Monika as your guide is a great opportunity. You’ll answer tough, deep and important questions. The kind of essential questions you never ask yourself, because you’re too busy starting up or running your business. That’s 100% understandable.

When things are not going well, our natural reaction is to try harder and to do more. But more ‘Doing’ is not the solution. It will only make you feel more disconnected, more overwhelmed, and it attracts more unwanted crappy stuff into your business.

Monika has highly developed eyes for business. It was great that her eyes helped me to set priorities, and also helped me see that owning a company is not just for “Mr. Directors”.

Sandra Souisa

Director, Holistic Centre Een & Al, Hilversum, the Netherlands

Here’s a heartfelt invitation

You’re invited to add more ‘Being’ into your life. And to honour yourself with a wonderful gift you really deserve. A gift that will help you become who you truly are meant to be. To unleash what’s hidden or buried inside you. A golden nugget to envision your desired outcome. And to uncover new opportunities for yourself and your business.

A gift that will help you gain clarity, focus and above all… alignment with who you are. That is step 1 and maybe that’s enough for you right now.

The next step is to turn your new insights and changed perspectives into real ideas for your business. Step three is to implement those ideas and make it happen in an awesome way!

Discover your iconic strengths, understand what makes you tick, and what people see in you. You’ll learn to trust your instincts at a next level and tap into your inner resources in a way that makes all the difference in helping you get where you want.

With Monika’s warm, in-depth and practical guidance you’ll get advice that makes sense, to-the-point action steps, and an accountability partner to help you stay on track.

Three options to manifest Your Sustainable Income

 ⇒ Special notes about your investment

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We are a New Zealand based business, so we don’t charge tax for clients abroad.
The full price or the first installment needs to be paid when you sign the business coaching contract.

If you own a business registered in New Zealand, then we will also send you a New Zealand tax invoice in NZD, based on the exchange rate applying on the day of signing the contract. The 15% GST rate will be added as well. This additional invoice is needed for your bookkeeping and necessary to claim a GST credit. For more information, please contact your accountant and refer to the IRD website.

Born in Nelson, New Zealand, with an intense curiosity about life and people, Victor has been drawn to many different ways of seeing the world. He has worked within the Māori culture, using fairy stories and archetypes for healing, within prisons, and in the field of domestic violence. His life has been a blend of science and spirituality. The focus of science has been as a tool for understanding human behaviour and spirituality has centred on the interconnectedness of all beings. A TV programme on fractals in 1995, joined these two threads through systems theory and complexity theory. Years of study culminated in his PhD using complex systems and future studies. He has published two books, When the Dragon Stirs, and Gonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield. All his many interests have come together recently to create a coherent pathway to transform ourselves and our world using Transformational Systems Wisdom.And you may have noticed, we charge naturally honest prices. No manipulative odd numbers pricing such as $497, but honest round numbers, so $500 instead. We wholeheartedly support The Ethical Move, a global movement of conscious business owners that break the manipulative marketing cycle and empower conscious consumers to make buying decisions based on trustworthy and honest marketing.

Ready to explore working with Monika?

Do you know which coaching option suits you best? Or do you need help to make a decision?
In both cases, please contact us or schedule a free Discovery session here:

Transformational Systems Wisdom™

The Ultimate Toolkit and Skills for Professionals who Help People Make Changes in their Way of Thinking and Behaviour

You might have heard of Systems Thinking? And how about Systemic Coaching and Constellations? Maybe you are a practitioner yourself.
But Transformational Systems Wisdom™ goes way beyond that. It puts people in touch with their core connectedness that has the power to heal disconnection and trauma. Thus freeing the person to co-create more meaningful fulfilling futures.

The increasing complexity in the world requires new skills to create better futures. If you want to better understand the dynamics of this new world, increase your intuitive knowing, and want to become a force that is truly transformational, then check this out.

Victor is the creator of Transformational Systems Wisdom™ that is based on the unique combination of Future Studies, Spirituality, Māori culture, Deep Psychology, and the science of Living Systems Theory (LST). LST is the study of dynamics in open self-organising systems as simple as a living cell, as complex as a supranational organisation, and everything in between.

Victor has been working in the field of violence for 20 years, specifically as an expert in domestic violence in the last 7 years. His jobs gave him the opportunity to learn about the real life dynamics in and between people, about crossing boundaries, conflicts, impasses, etc. He has integrated his knowledge of Transformational Systems Wisdom™ into his job programmes, working with male offenders, and notices how applying his extended toolkit and skills enhances his work to help his clients.
He has also written his PhD thesis about – often subtle – violence in organisations, doing research to answer the question whether leaderless organisations lead to less violence. And if so, what skills do people need now and in the future to help grow the living system they are part of.


Curious about exploring this wisdom with Victor?

The best way to learn about Transformational Systems Wisdom™ is to experience this yourself.
Victor offers customised coaching sessions, in person or online, and customised workshops for your network or organisation.
Connect with Victor MacGill by email connect [at] wayfindingentrepreneur [dot] com or give him a call: +64 22 3264157.