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Shine in the spotlight as purpose-driven Brand!

There are so many inspiring entrepreneurs who are using their business as a force for good, for people, animals, and the world.

And social, environmental or business support organisations are doing wonderful work as well.

I love to offer my blog as a free platform to showcase your work, who you are and your vision for a thriving future.


Because I believe the world needs More Business Goodness. You might be a Certified B Corp or support a Do Good Charity organisation, such as B1G1.
I have started my B Corp journey and I’m a B1G1 member myself 🙂

Another option is to review your website and brand style, focusing on your strengths, and share that in a video and blog.

I’ll actively reach out to entrepreneurs and organisations too. But I love to go with the flow, based on serendipitous encounters and referrals.

I’m based in the breathtaking Nelson-Tasman area in New Zealand. My vision is to create a ripple effect from Nelson to the entire world.

My inner, core circle contains brands and organisations in the Top of the South district, so that’s Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough District.

The next circle contains the brands and organisations in the rest of New Zealand.

And the outer circle is full of brands and organisations in the rest of the world. As Dutch/’adopted Swede’, my heart is especially reaching out to Dutch and Swedish entrepreneurs.

Gosh, I have so many great ideas to join our strengths. It’s a true heart-felt mission 😀


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