It’s National Organic Week, organised by Organic Week Aotearoa New Zealand to raise awareness for all organic goodness in New Zealand.
I realised that it’s Wednesday. So I went to my local Nelson Farmers Market to explore some of the organic Nelson-Tasman gems.

Awww. Imagine this, a bread that tastes so good and only needs a bit of butter or olive oil…Wow! Yummm! Annika’s Bakery, your gluten-free buckwheat loaves are delicious!

As a child I just loooved kale so I couldn’t resist Ferretti Growers organic kale offer. And isn’t this great? Ferretti Growers has been nominated for the Organic Week Aotearoa 2019 Awards in the category Organic Farmer. Congrats! If you like to support them and vote: here’s the link. Do this on Sunday 5 May latest. It would be great to see a local Nelson-Tasman business win that award!

The Nelson Organic Co-op was present with a stall too. Do you know you’ll get great discounts when you become a member? You don’t have to be a member to buy there, but it’s a great way to support a local store that helps you eat and drink healthily, take natural care of your body, and shop without any plastics.

Yayyy, I spotted the perfect gift for my wonderful love: fruit wraps without sugar and preservatives from the organic orchard and farmstay Little Shaggery Farm.

Organic at the Nelson Farmers Market
Organic at the Farmers Market Nelson

Last-but-not-least, I bought a delicious, warm sweet pie at Rainbow Kitchen Pies’ stall. The perfect mix of apple, walnuts and maple syrup. Yummm!

Renegade Ferments, next time I will come and refill my ginger kombucha bottle. And Vedic Organics, Okainamu Organics, and Hillary’s Coffee Cart, I ran out of time unfortunately so I’ll see you next time too.

It feels great to support local businesses, doesn’t it? Discover heaps more natural goodness on the Nelson Farmers Market. On Wednesdays, go to Kirby Lane, off Bridge Street. They will be happy to see you between 8.30am-1.30pm.

Let’s share, I’m curious:
do you have a green heart for people, animals, and planet too? What is your favourite organic brand, product or shop – no matter where in the world?