An important part of my Wayfinding mission is to encourage a more ethical, natural lifestyle. So, on my blog, I love to put spotlights on ethical, natural brands that are truly inspiring in what they do and how they present themselves.

It’s easiest to start close to home. Today I shine a spotlight on natural New Zealand skincare, made by very proud Kiwis with a big green heart.

The benefits of buying New Zealand products are:

  • They often use our wonderful and unique native plants, such as Manuka and Kawakawa, for healing and revitalising your skin.
  • Less plastics in the world and in our oceans.
  • Less toxins in our waterways.
  • A more healthy-looking skin.
  • A great feeling of doing good for the world.

Maybe you’re thinking right now: ‘Ah Monika, it’s a wee bit far for me to travel to New Zealand!’.

No worries. Many brands ship their products overseas or have stockists in the rest of the world. Or you can buy their products in online stores.

Here are my favourites, presented with their unique statement. Staying true to their own style and message will attract the right customers to their brand.

Plantae – NZ’s purest skincare range, and Nelson-based! (me too)

Frankie Apothecary – the magic of the native Kawakawa plant

Trilogy – driven by discovery and innovation

Antipodes – certified organic and proven by science

Snowberry – finest bio-active ingredients

Ethique – the brand without bottles

Living Nature – New Zealand’s original certified natural skincare since 32 (!) years

And … tadaaaa… especially for my Dutch friends, I have found a Kiwi lady in Delft! Kitti Bradley is a New Zealand trained beauty therapist and now runs her business called Holistic Kiwi in Delft. Kitti specialises in sensitive skin and massage. And yayyy… she uses ethical Kiwi brands to uplift your skin: Pure Peony, Living Nature, Snowberry, and Songbird (aka Tui). Highly recommended to book an appointment, don’t you think?
Guess what’s on my ‘To-Be’ list next time when we come and visit my family and friends in NL?! 🙂

You can attract your customers or clients in a natural way too. Be in the flow.

Would you like to learn how? I’ll launch my flow model soon, including a video in which I walk you through that natural flow of running a business.

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Shine your brightest light today!

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur


What is your favourite ethical brand? And do you know any natural skincare therapists such as Kitti Bradley from Holistic Kiwi? Please let us know in the comments box below: