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About starting a business

Very inspiring! It has made me realize what point I must first address in my life. And you know what? I immediately planned all kinds of (exciting) agreements to achieve this. Thank you for this final push, that I needed just a little more in this year that was going to be tough for me!

Tamara K.

Thinking about starting a business

Monika has highly developed eyes for business. It was great that her eyes helped me to set priorities, and also helped me see that owning a company is not just for “Mr. Directors”.

Sandra Souisa

Director, Holistic Centre Een & Al, Hilversum, the Netherlands

Monika is simply the best. I now have a good idea how to start up my new business.

Rob Meijer

Tutoring Expert, Back on Track Factory

I now have a clear picture of what I no longer want. And that gives a lot of peace. I am working on a career path (which is now limited to a competence study). So it’s time for the next step. I’d love to talk to you about this further.

Saskia E.

Thinking about starting a business

About creating new strategies

I can now be myself in my mission and strategies. The negotiating skills that I can now deploy are a major eye-opener.

Rianne D.

CEO, Education Business

I finally have a clear picture of my mission! And thanks to the learned, practical tips about networking, I know how I can achieve my mission. I thought it was an eye-opener that I am much better and stronger than I thought. I follow my passion and keep believing in my own strength!

Jacqueline H.

Senior Manager, Non-profit Organisation

I have been thinking and at the same time I have been given the tools to turn thoughts into action. Monika has a clear plan that she can make clear. She took me through this step by step, so that it was manageable and inspiring.

Maryam D.

Business Owner, Moving Company

About our talks

I found Monika’s lecture on “the application of Social Media in daily practice” to be a pragmatic one. I found the link with daily practice very useful and also with yourself as a person. As a speaker, Monika offers a lot of peace and overview. Not a quick story, but a story with content and interaction where possible. In short, very useful!

Ingrid de G.

Communication & PR, Best Municipality

I would have liked to have listened to this speaker for longer!

This lady knows what she’s talking about. She is sympathetic, patient and knows how to convey the material well and concretely.

The lecture was interesting and concrete. The speaker was sympathetic and knowledgeable.

Various Comments

Attendees Coaching Event

Inspired and above all practical. Useful tips for our starting note on Social Media.

Anna V.

Policy Officer, Best Municipality

About Monika’s workshops

The way in which Monika has performed her coaching activities within our organisation clearly has added value. She manages to unravel “problems” in a clear and structural way. As a result, she is able to professionally involve employees as intrapreneurs in the process. She knows how to filter resistors well. She is alert that a problem does not become her problem, by acting as a soundboard and mirroring behaviours while respecting the employees. This gives employees tools to help them solve the problem themselves.

Rein van Luunen

Former Finance Group Controller Manager, Neder-Betuwe Municipality

Monika is very knowledgeable and very well suited to practical situations. She takes you through the process step-by-step and gives concrete guidelines.

Monika is unique in her full commitment and dedication to helping you further. She makes all her knowledge and insights available. She is is goal-oriented and explains well in advance what the process and action steps look like. 

Monika is an honest, dedicated and thoughtful woman who thoroughly studies your business situation. This creates trust. With all background information and her own knowledge & ideas, she knows how to give a workshop that fascinates and inspires. It offers concrete tools for the attendees to get started with what they have learned.

The very personal approach fits very well with what I can use NOW! Everyone should give this mastermind as a present to themselves!

A very individual approach where you also get a concrete action plan. If you want to get your own focus and strategies clear in a short time, and want to make a concrete action plan, you have to be at Monika’s mastermind! She helps you in a very powerful and professional way.

Thanks to Monika, I came up with new ideas about something that was inside of me but had not yet come true.

Monika has given me food for thought and at the same time I have been given the tools to turn my thoughts quickly into action.

Monika has a clear roadmap that she can explain clearly. She walked me through this roadmap step by step so that it was manageable and inspiring.

Various Comments

Attendees about me and my style in various workshops and in exclusive masterminds

I feel “lighter”, and I have received tools. No longer all-in-one, but step by step on my path.

Monika’s COMPASS model gave me an overview and guidance. Actually, I have a lot to offer and am eager to share that and offer it to others.

My sense of (self)confidence has increased and has been confirmed.

It is very nice to share insights with others and to get new insights. The “give and receive” is central to the CLC and is highly valuable!

The CLC increases each other’s insights into functioning and possibilities to make choices. You exchange experiences and you are each other’s accountability partner so that you can coach and encourage each other. Monika offers the structure to give words to all this.

I learned how important 4 core values are and that goals should be a control mechanism rather than a final destination.

The CLC is a great opportunity to think through your situation and get clarity. You definitely get closer to your core problem or dilemma.

I learned how important it is to have the right words and sentences ready for the various moments in your business. Monika’s questions, which you can ask yourself to write personal texts, were a real eye-opener for me.

Various Comments

Attendees Connecting Leaders Circle

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