“If the mountain calls you, you’d better go…!”, she said jokingly but with a serious tone in her voice because of the Serendipity that occurred again…

She’s a Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, who are connected to nature and their mountain in particular.

I was traveling around in New Zealand, my best ever 50th birthday present to myself. New Zealand was on my bucket list for ages but until then I had had partners who didn’t like flying.

And it’s 24 hours (!) on a plane from the Netherlands to New Zealand…

Up to my 50th, I had always served other people first. I came last if there was still an opportunity left… That had led to two major burn-outs and several depressions.

During my latest depression, I knew I had to make real change this time. I knew I had to explore those deep dark corners in my inner worlds.

I knew I had to stop Doing and embrace more Being.

And that’s when the first Golden Nuggets came, great wonderful ideas.

One day I woke up and while I was still in that twilight zone moment between sleeping and waking up, I saw a vision of myself walking down the steps of a small airplane. I felt the powerful energy of the hills nearby. Then the vision showed me the map of New Zealand and a dot on the top of the South Island.

I looked it up, there’s a town called Nelson I had never heard of.

I knew I had to go there. And so I did.

I’m an outdoorsy person who was ready for a life-changing adventure. It was a journey to find myself and my true purpose in life. I felt the freedom of a road trip in which I could wander. Driving around in a breath-taking environment. Faraway from home with enough time to reinvent myself.

Back to the advice from the Māori woman…

She said that after I told her she was the 8th person within a week or so who said to me out of the blue “You know what you should do? Go to Mount Taranaki”.

Wow! Heaps of signs telling me where to go.

A long story cut short…

Being on Mount Taranaki was truly a transformational moment in my life. And the signs didn’t stop there…

I now live in Nelson, with my fiancé Victor, and made my ultimate dreams come true.

My point is, you can follow your dreams too. You can feel that freedom and inner power.

It’s a magical feeling when you let go of all your planning and tight schedules, tune in into your heart and just go with the flow.

Doing does matter tremendously but only when the Being comes first. Then you can make the seemingly impossible possible, by following the signs.

If you’re curious about how raising your awareness for serendipity moments and following up on them can change your life, then I have something for you that you might love.

It’s a course/experience called The Serendipity Trail in which I guide you on your unique journey, becoming mindful of signs on your unique path. Because it’s the first expedition, the price is ridiculously low.
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I’d love to travel with you and guide you to ignite your own Serendipity moments, making the seemingly impossible possible, and transform dreams into reality.

How has Serendipity crossed your path?
I’d love to read your wonderful stories of serendipity moments.


Photo-credits: https://unsplash.com/@dav_billings