In January 2016 I was here at the exact same spot under these typical pine trees. I had a coffee at the Dolphin Encounter cafe first and then walked on the grey pebble stone beach, looking over the grey ocean and listening to the waves crushing onto the rocky beach.

I remember visualising the enormous distance between here and the land beyond the horizon.

It made me feel humble. A tiny part on Earth. Except for some islands, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – between Kaikōura, New Zealand, and the coast of Chile.

I remember looking at the spiky hills on my left and the peninsula on my right hand side.

There wasn’t much to see.

I felt disappointed that I couldn’t see the mountain tops because of the rainy, stormy weather. Everyone had said “ah, it’s so beautiful!” Bugger! I only had 2 days here, before leaving for the North Island, and the weather forecast wasn’t that flash.

And I had only one opportunity for whale watching. In silence I prayed to the Water and Wind gods to calm down. And to my great surprise, there was no rain nor wind the next morning. Yay! And even a bigger YAYYY! I did see the humpback whale including its famous ‘tail’ moment. Woooowwww! Speaking about feeling humble and tiny?!

Fast forward in life.

I never ever would have thought – not even in my wildest dreams that I would be living in New Zealand and returning to Kaikōura multiple times a year now.

Back then I couldn’t see what I can see now.

And I owe that to one single decision I made.

A decision that would turn my life upside down for the better. A decision that required taking a big leap first. No baby steps were allowed. It was all or nothing.

And I jumped. Wasn’t I afraid? Heck yeah, that was scary!

But my decision pulled me into something bigger than me. Into a realm of full potential. I made the conscious choice from that moment on to make all decisions from within my Future Self. And then I turned around and saw all the steps taken and choices made by my Future Self, which eventually led to the manifestation of where I am now.

And before you start thinking, or maybe you already do, this is kinda woo-woo. It’s actually not. It’s absolutely grounded and connected to who you are and to your biggest dreams.

As the Māori see it, as also proven by scientific quantum theory research, the future is not some time that still needs to happen. The future is eternally present.*

You are a co-creator of your destiny. You carry your full potential within you, wherever you are and wherever you go. You are only ever one single biggest impact decision away.

And it doesn’t even matter if you believe this or not. Just use your imagination and your wildest dreams right here, right now. Wayfinding Entrepreneurship is all about boldly exploring our inner and outer worlds.

Here are some great questions to play with and take advantage of future trends:

  • If you could have a magic wand, how would your life look like in 3 years’ time?
  • How does your business look like in 3 years’ time?
  • What are trends in your industry and in society?
  • What are common assumptions in your field of expertise?
  • How do you see things differently from anyone else?
  • What are topics or perspectives that no one is talking about?
  • If your Future Self could give you its best advice, what would it be?
  • What scares you the most on your journey from now to that time three years from now?
  • Imagine you have manifested your biggest dream and goals. Now turn around, what were the strategies that you focused on?

Ok, now it’s time for part 2 and 3 of that single biggest impact decision.

Part 2:
Commit yourself for more than 100%, every single day, to your journey. Now it’s time to take baby steps. It’s not about ‘being committed’, it’s about ‘committing yourself’ as an active verb that gets you where you want to be. Even more, where you are meant to be.

Part 3:
Show the willingness to be open in every way. Expect the unexpected. Create and hold the space for new things to emerge and for new people to come into your life. Just as I wrote in my ‘Making time for luck’ blog.

o you feel you’re on the edge? Do you feel you’re sitting on the fence? Holding yourself back by hesitating or procrastinating to move forward in a meaningful way? As a business coach, I can help to find the courage and unleash your life and business potential, so you’ll see those amazing results sooner than later.
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Have fun exploring your Future!

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

Exploring your Future Self is even more fun when doing this together. One can ask questions, so the other can fully focus on inner thoughts and feelings. Then take turns.

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