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“We live in a world today that is becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable. While science has given us a man on the moon, mobile phones, cars to drive and aeroplanes to travel around the planet, we also have climate change, environmental degradation, an unstable global economy, and weapons of mass destruction.

One of the main causes of problems in our lives arises from this complexity of modern life. The big picture is just too big and the details are overwhelming. You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”. When we look at the forest, we lose sight of the trees and when we look at the trees we lose sight of the forest.

We tend to cope with this complexity by simplifying our picture of the world down to something we can understand. But in simplifying everything, we lose something.

We tend see complex situations as black and white, right and wrong, when the reality there are lots of shades of grey. For example, we tend to simplify people into goodies and baddies, ignoring the good in the ‘baddies’ and the bad in the ‘goodies’. Since we tend to see ourselves as the “goodie” it is easy to see the “other” as “baddie”. We don’t notice what we are contributing to making the situation worse or the positive actions of other people.

As another example of simplifying things, we sometimes describe ourselves as having physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. While that is very useful, it tends to make us forget how all the parts interconnect to make up a whole human being.

If we fail to stand back and see the bigger picture, we risk making decisions that not only fail to solve our problems but may lead to unintended consequences that make things worse than before.”

photo-credit Paul Summers – Unsplash