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Thriving Lifestyle Business Roadmap

to Grow Your Business in an Authentic Way and Feel Abundantly Free

Thriving Lifestyle Business roadmap by Monika de Neef at The Wayfinding EntrepreneurStarting a business or running your own business can be quite overwhelming, can’t it?
It feels like you are looking at a big pile of puzzle pieces. How do you make sense of this all?
How do they fit together? And in a way that fits your own personality and style?!

I know. I have been there too. I started to structure what is needed, by creating a flow that makes sense and developed handy templates to fill in the dots. Thanks to that overview I saw what was missing. I saw actions I didn’t take, often because I enthusiastically wanted to get started and move forward. But in the end, these were essential missing pieces.

If you feel overwhelmed or stuck, chances are you are missing the right flow.
Are you ready to find the way to a flourishing business that fits who you are,  your lifestyle, and your business?
A way that feels good and connected?
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Declutter Your Marketing checklist

When your marketing strategies are complicated, scattered, or outdated.

Are you trying to make your marketing strategies work?

I have discovered that working harder, doing more, and trying the next Guru strategy doesn’t work. On the contrary, it’s making it worse…

Connect with your Authentic Self, and your unique business style and strengths first. Then you can put many marketing strategies in the rubbish bin.

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