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Born in Nelson, New Zealand, with an intense curiosity about life and people, Victor has been drawn to many different ways of seeing the world. He has worked within the Māori culture, using fairy stories and archetypes for healing, within prisons, and in the field of domestic violence. His life has been a blend of science and spirituality. The focus of science has been as a tool for understanding human behaviour and spirituality has centred on the interconnectedness of all beings. A TV programme on fractals in 1995, joined these two threads through systems theory and complexity theory. Years of study culminated in his PhD using complex systems and future studies. He has published two books, When the Dragon Stirs, and Gonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield. All his many interests have come together recently to create a coherent pathway to transform ourselves and our world using Transformational Systems Wisdom.


I have taken The Ethical Move pledge for an honest marketplace, with marketing based on trust and honesty. Because I believe in a new, feminine and authentic way of doing business. 

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