You should have seen their faces. Staring at each other in disbelief. Really?!

What happened?

Well, to start with, I could tell that they have done this regularly. They know exactly where they are. They get up and start moving at the right time. Not too early. Not too late.

At a certain point they know what’s coming and all are waiting in anticipation.

But something is not right…

The people waiting in the queue start to look at each other first. Then they start talking. I could tell something is going wrong. Even though I couldn’t hear what they are saying.

And they are right…

The comms system starts with a creaking sound. Everyone could hear the embarrassment in his voice. “Oops…. uhhmmm….we are soooo sorry!”

I see surprise, amusement and anger on people’s faces. The ones waiting in the queue know what is coming. Some others who are sitting too. But I have no idea. Now everyone is looking at each other.

“As you may have noticed…”, the ashamed voice continues, “we have forgotten to stop at the train station. Our sincere apologies. Please hop off at the next station and take the train back. It is leaving in 10 minutes. Again, we are soooo sorry causing such inconvenience.”

Many people are laughing, some are just pretty annoyed. Now they have to go all the way back. Some are missing their connecting bus. Others will be late for their children’s school event or other obligations.

It’s a waste of time, takes extra energy and opportunities are being missed. And you know what? This happens in business too.

The missing pieces of the business puzzle

If you forget the essential steps in your business foundation and zoom ahead to the next exciting place to be, you are missing essential pieces of the business puzzle. That will make your business life more difficult and more stressful because you lack the information you need in a later stage.

Many people ask me “How do I make myself more visible?” and you may ponder about that too. Well, it actually is step number #6.

Why is a business foundation so important?

The top #5 reasons are:

  1. You’ll have customers who you truly care about, and vice versa
  2. It sets you on your path to success
  3. You know exactly what your customers are thinking, feeling and need
  4. It will support you during the ups and downs of running a business
  5. You will have a strong team.

You need this solid business foundation

What is in your business foundation? Do you think it’s your business plan? Or your products and services? Many other business coaches advise you to start with developing your plan, creating your product, or create a sales funnel. No wonder people struggle to make it happen. All is built without a solid foundation, because these are the steps 4, 5 and 6. Ok, customers then? It still is just a piece of the entire puzzle. The foundation is as follows:

  1. Authentic You
  2. Engaging Community
  3. Enchanting Message.

“Authentic You” is about you as a person, your vision, mission and values, your worldview, and your ideal lifestyle.

“Engaging Community” is not only about your current and potential customers. It’s also about your peers, support organisations, influencers, thought leaders, media, potential partners, etc.

Last but not least, your “Enchanting Message”is a message of hope and change for the better. What is your core idea? And what are important pillars in your message? What will attract potential customers to step on your path? Do you speak their language?

Do yourself a great favour and have all these foundational pieces of the puzzle in place. The next steps will then be easier, faster and simpler.

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Photo credits: Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash


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