Bang! I threw them all in the recycling bin. I only used one of them once. But oh no, never again.

What happened?

Well, I needed a new set. So I thought, why not buy that well-known brand? The reviews were great, the looks were good. Must be great value for my money.

So off I went to the store. It was just before closing time.

Of course the lady in the shop was delighted that I bought the whole set, without having to do the sales work. Especially when she was already thinking of going home.

Rushing back home myself, I just couldn’t wait until it was evening to try my newly bought goodies. First impression: great! Looks good, feels good, and smells good.

Yay, time to relax on the sofa, with a warm throw, cuppa tea and a new edition of my favourite mindstyle magazine. Awesome relaxing me-time: body, mind and soul.

But not before long, a half an hour or so, my skin started to feel itchy. Ah, I thought, the night cream is doing its work. I was sitting so comfy on the sofa that I kept on reading.

But relax? Jeeeez, I got so distracted by my skin that I couldn’t keep on reading a really inspiring article. What was going on? I had to go up and see.

Whhaaatt?! Oh no! How awful! My face was red and swollen, like a strawberry. OMG! There goes my beauty moment.

Bang! All the jars: day cream, night cream, a mask, and oh, something for my puffy eyes too. Bye, bye! Because I couldn’t give them away to someone else saying, ‘Yeah nah, jars look great but my face looked like an oversized strawberry. Would you like to try these?’

That moment I made the conscious choice to switch to pure natural skincare only.

In business something can look great from the outside too. Popular marketing gurus have raving fans. These fans write super enthusiast testimonials. And the guru makes millions.

And yet, it might be that you are allergic to these methods. They are smart, for sure, but they lack heart and soul. They make you feel itchy all over your body.

Or maybe you have tried one of these programmes and you couldn’t make it happen. And now you are wondering: ‘Why doesn’t it work for me? Why can he or she do it, and I don’t?’.

I know. I have been there too. So I know that there’s nothing wrong with you. On the contrary. You have a great talent and message to show to the world.

So it’s time to throw those itchy methods in the recycling bin too. Keep the good parts and start with a method that offers a natural flow. A method that starts with YOU. That fits with who you are. That fits with your business or practice.

My coaching clients learn how to implement that natural flow. Their skin is glowing. They feel connected, stay focused and earn a good living by doing what they love doing most. You too can grow your business in a heartfelt way. In three stages: Connecting, Inviting, and Elevating.
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Monika de Neef

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