Yep. That’s the perfect model. Exactly what I need!

I was so happy with the salesperson’s advice. I get overwhelmed by all the available options, you know. He compared one with the other and mentioned the advantages I hadn’t thought about.

Now I clearly saw that the other model would make my life easier, saves time in my business and gives a better quality. A no-brainer!

And it was a good deal too. Not a fake one. Like his competitor across the street.

I went to the other store 2 weeks before and had written down the price of a smart phone there. Knowing there would be a major sale because of Queen’s Birthday weekend soon, I waited to buy.

On the day of the sale, I was curious about the new price. What??!! No discount. Not even the same price. But $70 more expensive than before!

Right, this is how manipulative sales can be. Lowering prices of some products but raising prices for other products to compensate for that. Or even worse, saying it’s a good deal when it still is the same price. Or, and this is as nasty as you can get, a higher price (!) than before.

I think we all have some of these experiences, right?

Anyway, the story goes on.

Because I went across the street of course, where I met this friendly salesperson. His company did have a good deal for this same smartphone. $100 less, so $30 less than the original price at nasty company.

Then something happened, and I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.

Because my point now is that unethical selling is such a no-go isn’t it? And it’s outdated as over-ripe cheese that starts to mould. Yuck!

It’s ok for businesses to make money, of course. But why does it have to be so manipulative and deceiving?

There is a line when persuasion becomes manipulation. If you focus your intention on your clients’ best interest, then you are on the good side. But if your focus is on maximising your own benefit, then it’s manipulation.

Making your client aware of a problem and offering a solution, helping people grow, or presenting a different but better solution than they had in mind – like my smartphone – are all examples of good practice.

By the way, I’d rather call it ‘Invitation through Encouragement’ than ‘Persuasion’. Because the energy in the word ‘persuasion’ is still concentrated on you as business owner, trying to get your client on the other side and buy from you. An ‘invitation’ feels more open, warm and is fully concentrated on your future client.

Do you agree?

An example of manipulation is making your client believe there’s a problem where there is none, or offer a solution that doesn’t really help to solve their problem.

That reminds me of selling national ads to an old lady who wanted to sell some of her old stuff locally.

Like you, many of the people I love working with, don’t like to be sleazy, pushy or salesy at all. On the contrary, you love to be honest and ethical in your sales, right?

Doing sales in an ethical way is good business. It helps earn the trust and loyalty of your clients. It strengthens your credibility.

Coming up with the right pricing strategy for your business is a delicate process. And what exactly is ethical and what not? It’s not black and white. There’s a grey area in which it all comes down to your own values and what you stand for, and your type of business.

A Wayfinding Entrepreneur sells ethically, showing up with love and respect to themselves and their future clients.

Some examples of pricing you see nowadays:

  • Charging odd numbers instead of round numbers
    You have probably seen prices such as $97 instead of $100. Well, that’s because psychologically, those $3 make a lot of difference. Research shows that more people will fall for the $97 and that’s why many business owners charge prices like this.
    So, is this persuasion or manipulation?
  • Saying that your offer is only available for a limited time or for a limited number of people;
    In some cases it’s true. For example, when you have booked a room and there’s a maximum number of seats. That’s persuasion. But in many cases the so-called limited time offer is an evergreen one. Ouch! Nasty manipulation here!
  • Starting with low prices when you launch a product or service, and then raise up to higher prices when more people get interested;
    This is a strategy that many businesses use to figure out the optimum price level. Because it’s psychology again. People think that a higher price must mean higher quality, so they are happy to pay more even if the quality is the same or even better than the lower priced one.
  • Buy for a low price and then use high-pressure tactics for a higher priced product or service;
    This kind of tactics is all over the place nowadays. You want to buy a low-priced course, and then you’re trapped in a funnel in which they offer you additional so-called upsells for higher priced products or services.
    The marketing gurus say ‘Yes, because people need more to achieve their goals faster and easier’. But what about the information-overwhelm? There are so many people who don’t even use the tool or product they bought.
    Again, persuasion or manipulation?

Do you struggle to price your products or services in the way that does justice to both yourself and your clients? Or is it difficult for you to get people to buy what you offer? You have an honest, great product or service, but people don’t see the value of what you offer in the first place?

Stop struggling or questioning. I can help. And I’d love to work with you on this.

You’re only one step away to move forward with your pricing and sales, so you can get more clients and grow your business to the level you desire And that step is to book a free strategy session with me.

I’ll tell you how that works.

When you click on this link: you’ll get to a page where you can click on the “Free 30 minutes Strategy Session” block. Then you’ll see a calendar. At the bottom of the calendar change the time zone to yours first. Then click on your preferred day and a list of all available time slots pop up. Select one and click on “Confirm”. Then you can enter your details, answer some questions, and click on the “Schedule Event’ button.

That’s it. Easy and quick to do.

After that you’ll receive my email to confirm our call with all the details you need.

During our call I’ll ask you many questions to understand your situation, help you to clarify and focus on the top 3 strategies, and what to do next.


Ethically yours,


Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

Are you still wondering what Trump has got to do with it? (the title of this blog, remember?)

Photo credit: Ahmet Sali – Unsplash