The fun part of housesitting is that you’ll always be able to live somewhere else. It’s a good way to try out new neighbourhoods.

And the fun part of taking care of doggies is that you have to take them out for a walk. Then there’s the challenge to find new places to go to because otherwise it’s soooo boring to walk the same route every day.

I suck at routines. I constantly need an adrenaline kick of trying out new things. Oh yes, often I get tired of myself.

So today Victor and I went up the steep hill. Beautiful old houses here, dating back to the 1900s or even earlier. They look very romantic. But oh boy, so cold in winter without central heating here.

Because I am always so curious where a certain road is leading to, we decided to follow one of the side roads.

First, we discovered that we walked into the wrong direction, because it was a loop leading back to the steep hill road.

Then we discovered two walkways. Both were a short cut to the road that led us up the hill. Let’s take one up and then we’ll walk the other one down.

Wow, such gorgeous views here! 

Then my eyes spotted another walking track further up the hill. It is an old Maori track where once one of their fortified villages was built high up on the hill.

Wow, that’s so special! Even Victor hadn’t been here. Although he grew up in Nelson.

Exploring doesn’t have to mean travelling to other countries. It’s so much fun being a tourist in your own town. Try new routes. Try walking in a very slow pace. Try that museum you drive past.

The art of exploring in your business is possible in many ways too.

  • Test your website pages by creating different versions
  • Dive into a new subtopic and become an expert in it
  • Explore a new niche for your products or service
  • Find new business opportunities and new partners to work together with
  • Research the need for new products and services.

But also, create space for wandering without a goal. Find a way to connect with your heart and soul, and be open for golden nuggets ‘falling into your lap’. Don’t act on them straight away, but let them be.

Just like tiny seedlings that need to grow first.

An important part of exploring, and I have learned that the hard way, is to set boundaries. Boundaries in amount of time. Boundaries of your topic. Boundaries of amount of people. Etcetera.

Embrace the paradox of exploring is my key insight.

Because setting boundaries ignites creativity and it prevents aimlessly wandering. Because then you get lost and feel overwhelmed. That is the moment that the sense of freedom and transformation you are looking for is out of reach.

Exploring is great on your own. It’s even more fun when you’re with other like-minded spirits around you. This week… tadaaaa… I have launched the Green Heart Entrepreneurs Facebook group. A warm place to explore life and business, both on our inner and outer journeys, to make an amazing impact in our world.

Please join our group here:

And if you’re already a member, then please invite your friends with a green heart for people, animals and the planet too. The more, the merrier!

Happy exploring!

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

an inspiring quote for your exploring journeys:
“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Jennifer Lee