VIP in Business? When you ask people ‘What is the relationship between the words ‘VIP’ and ‘Business’?, they’ll most likely say that it’s about a Very Important Person or they have heard about a VIP day or VIP Programme as a highly exclusive and highly expensive coaching service.

And some associate a VIP with the CEO or the board of directors of a company.

But let me share with you the only VIP in Business that truly MATTERS

It’s not a person. And yet, the VIP should be around because a business, big or small, is all about people.

Before I go on, let me make something clear first. The CEO and board of directors do important work, if done properly of course. But that work can’t truly shine when the VIP is not in place. And in medium to large companies and organisations that’s often the case, I learned from my years as a change management facilitator…

Ok, back to…

the VIP in Business for small business owners and solopreneurs.

It doesn’t stand on its own. There could be way too many of them. And it might be that they are not truly meaningful either. That’s usually because one or more elements in the VIP are missing. Or, because it’s written in vague, weasel words that don’t express the essence of who you are.

The VIP is in an important place to create a better future for yourself and your business. It’s located at a precious leverage point, in between the deeper layers of how we see and make sense of the world and the way we organise things to create a world that works.

So that makes the VIP not an exclusive day or programme either.


Let’s meet and greet.

The VIP in Business stands for the trinity of Values, Intentions, and Principles.

It’s the unity, a whole of three intertwined elements, and each of them influences the others. People often have a list of their values but forget to add the intentions and the principles to make the trinity powerful so it can act as a catalyst for a thriving future.

So, what are the differences between those three anyway? Let me explain…

Values are a personal expression of the qualities that you value most. They are nouns acting as cornerstones and guides for decisions. They will help you anchor your vision and the essence of who you are in everything you do and work on. The formula is very simple, it’s just a noun.

Intentions are expressions of your purpose and the relationship with yourself and others. They channel your values and principles, aligned with your direction, into something meaningful. The formula for intentions is “I (or We) choose to …”.

Principles are guidelines of how to act and how you will behave, based on your values and intentions. They are expressed in verbs, using the formula “I will …”.

Here’s an example of my own VIP in Business.

My value is Curiosity. My intention is “I choose to have dialogues with people”.
My principle is ‘I will ask open questions and have an open mind and heart for new perspectives.”

Do you see how they align with one another?

Knowing your VIPs makes your business and life more meaningful, full of integrity, and better aligned with your true self. People will know more clearly what you stand for and you’ll attract those clients that resonate with your VIPs.

It’s best to have a set of 4 VIPs, as the cornerstones of your business. They can help you make decisions in all kinds of situations, such as your messaging, how you promote yourself, how you interact with your clients, etc.

More than 4 is too many. As a change facilitator, I saw lists of up to 12 or even 16 values (!). People can’t remember that many, let alone act upon them…

The way we express our value of Curiosity says that we are open to learn and don’t position ourselves as the ‘We know it all’ experts. And so we won’t attract the people who are looking for such experts.

Our daily ‘to do’ list has the intentional question ‘How can we create more dialogues today?’, because that is one of our 4 core purposes. These questions channel our energies like a laser beam and make all the rest redundant.

You might be wondering “How and where to find my VIP in Business?”

As I mentioned earlier, values are expressed in nouns, such as solidarity, fun, freedom, etc. What are the qualities in life that you truly value? You might know your values already. But maybe you don’t have 4 values yet. To give you some ideas, Scott Jeffrey, leadership coach and founder of CEOsage, has a great list of values, organised by keywords. Choose your top 4.

Now ask yourself for each value, “How do I choose to show up in life?” and “What is my purpose bringing that value to life?”. An intention is expressed as “I choose to …” Here’s John and Patrice Robson’s website called ‘Higher Awareness’ that could give you some clues.

Then translate your values and your intentions into practical behaviour and actions, using a verb in the formula “I will …<verb> …”.

Voilà, you have your set of VIPs.

Easy or not? Would you like some help with the only VIP in your business that truly matters?

Are you looking for guidance to define or re-align your VIPs for your business? Would you like to align them with the way how you get clients and how you express yourself as a brand?
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Live Your VIP!

Monika de Neef, the naturally honest Wayfinding Entrepreneur

PS: photo credit: Riccardo Annandale – Unsplash


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