Today I read something that touched my heart AND something that made me so angry.

Which one do you like to hear first?

Let’s start with my warm heart. 💖

I read a story about a woman, called Lesley, who never started her business. She never stepped in, because she was afraid.

Afraid to show herself to the world. Afraid that she wasn’t good enough. Afraid of taking risks. Afraid of what people might think of her. I can go on. You’re getting the point, right?

In the end, she did start her business. And that brings her so much joy. It really has changed her life for the better.

Lesley realises that she could have had so much more pleasure in life if she had got off the fence and started earlier.

The biggest risk is the life you could have lived, if you weren’t afraid to just get started.

That touched my heart deeply. Not only because that is so true, but also because it made me go back about 13 years, when I was thinking about becoming a business coach.

Yep, thinking…. because I was afraid too. I told myself stories, such as “there are already 2 business coaches in my area” and “I’m not an expert yet”, etc. etc. And when I finally had a quiet mind, my inner critic would pop up with some more devastating news.

So, I started something else. Something safe. Something I was good at, but not really fulfilling. Something that bored me to death after a couple of months.

Not really doing what I loooooove most: learning and teaching about doing business in a heartfelt way. So not starting as a business coach is the one thing I truly regret.

Is my inner critic gone? Nope. But that’s OK. Because I only need to make conscious choices: am I following my inner critic? Or rather my inner raving fan?

Yeah, but what about the role of the inner critic? Doesn’t it keep me safe? Heck, no. My inner raving fan loves me deeply. If I make decisions that don’t fit with who I truly am or that puts me in real danger, trust me, she’ll let me know immediately.

Now, what about the thing that made me so angry? 😠

Well, I was reading an article about handling objections that people often have when they are sitting on the fence about buying something. And about what to do when people say, “I don’t have the money”.

First, an objection could be an excuse, because people don’t dare to say “no” to you. Or, it could be a lack of self-belief. They don’t believe that they have what it takes to make their business successful.

So, you help them to be honest with you. That’s all good, of course.

But what if they really don’t have the money. Because they are just getting started and have no savings. Or because other bills need to be paid. Or something else.

The advice in this article was to talk them into finding the money. Just convince them to use their credit card, so they can pay it off later.

Whaattt??! Seriously?!

That’s so NOT ethical, in my opinion! Reading this kind of manipulation makes me feel so angry.

American style money-focused business coach says “yeah, because they will earn the money in the programme”.

But what if they don’t? What if it takes longer? What if they don’t earn that money at all? What if something else pops up in their life?

I know a guy who got himself into real trouble, investing thousands and thousands of dollars in a business course, because his business coach told him he wasn’t serious enough if he didn’t invest now.

It took the poor guy a couple of years to get out of debt and to get over his disillusionment.

Reading this article took me back to my first job: selling ads for a national newspaper company.

You were a good salesperson if you could sell a combination ad for three national newspapers to an old lady who wanted to sell her old chair locally.

Whaatt?! 😲 This is HEART-LESS selling! She doesn’t need that at all. Needless to say, I quit my job after only a few months.

So that left me with a self-limiting belief “I’m not good in sales. I’m not good at doing business”. No wonder I didn’t dare to become a business coach years later.

But I am good at doing business. I am good at HEART-FELT selling. Really helping people moving forward, in a way that fits them.

If you really can’t afford my 1:1 coaching, then I’d rather see you in my group programme. Or if that would stretch your budget too much, I would advise to start in my online ‘learn at your own pace’ programme.

“But you could earn millions more!”, I hear the guru business coaches say. Yeah, but I don’t care about millions of dollars, I care about millions of PEOPLE!

I would love to help people getting started and getting a steady flow of clients, help them overcome their self-doubt, teach them what to do, in the right order, at the right time.

So, my basic programme needs to be affordable for as many people as possible. There are so many people out there, who don’t dare to start, who have tried but had to give up because they couldn’t get it going, or who are struggling to get out into the world in a bigger way.

Often, it’s just because a single piece of the business puzzle is missing. Or they get overwhelmed by guru business advice, teaching them something they don’t need at all.

If you’re still here reading this, then it shows you truly care too.

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Wishing you a heartfelt day!

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

Photo credit: Matthew Henry – Unsplash


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