Isn’t that funny and heart-warming? That you go out on a quest deep within and find out that what you have chosen, what you do and the way you do it, is in perfect alignment?

That isn’t always the case I hurry to say. But yeah, such a discovery is a true treasure and huge acknowledgement. That I’m not crazy, not doing what someone else needs to do, or another mindset bug.

The last few weeks I have taken a deep dive to explore the magical inner and outer worlds of brand archetypes, universal patterns that give brands a human feel. Because I wanted to know, ‘What makes me truly unique? What is my essence? What is my style?’

As it goes when soul searching, something magically pops up on your computer screen, just at the right time. As if it had been looking behind the curtains to see if I was coming. Yes, yes, there she is! Let’s show it to her!

I know, I have a very vivid imagination 😉

Anyway, there it was. The “Unlock Your Brand Innate Advantage – Brandality” quiz created by the psychology-driven brand strategist Kaye Putnam, taken more than 100,000 times (!) Her quiz page has a description of all the archetypes if you’re curious,

The key is that you have a primary archetype and a secondary archetype. And you blend them together as a team. I see and feel it likes this. The primary one is about how you experience the world and the way you show up in life, what your biggest desire is, and it represents the Why of your business in which your soul shines through. The secondary one is giving you a unique set of gifts, your strongest strengths, your superpower and represents the How of your business.

My blend is the Explorer and the Magician, aka the Alchemist. I just knew it! No wonder I had called my business The Wayfinding Entrepreneur 😉, exploring the patterns in your inner and outer worlds, align your business with who you are, and making magical transformations happen.

And the descriptions fit perfectly. As an Explorer, my key desires are freedom, authenticity, and truth. And as an Alchemist/Magician, I love to transform, align and manifest. I chose The Wayfinding Entrepreneur to be a visionary, an explorer who aligns your Being with your Doing. It feels as if the results were specially written for me. Everything I have done in my life, the freedom and transformation I’m desiring so much in life, and how I want to express myself in business all aligns perfectly with that inspiring E & A/M blend.

Magical isn’t it? I’m so curious, another trait that fits my blend by the way, if you’d like to take those quizzes as well. Let me know your results.

Now listen. A good habit in business is split testing, right? You put 2 variations of an email, a sales page etc. out there, and then you test what works best. Or, you run a test so you can confirm that what you’ve come up with is the right thing to do. In case you have some self-doubt, for example.

So, another inspiring woman called Cerries Mooney, an archetypal business mentor, popped up on my path. And she also has a brand archetype quiz, also hugely successful taken more than 60,000 times:
Cerries has a ‘you can’t fake it’ way to test your secondary archetype. And yep, exactly the same blend. The only thing is, it’s Alchemist in Cerries’ quiz and Magician in Kaye’s quiz. But that is just the words, the energy – and that is what archetypes are all about – is the same.

But if you’re wondering, isn’t everyone with the same blend doing and looking the same? No, there are soooo many variations how you express your blend. It’s like music. Endless new stuff coming out. Although the judges think that singer Katy Perry wasn’t that original

Just have a look at both Kaye’s and Cerries’ sites, and you’ll see immediately what I mean. Kaye has a Sage (wise/intelligent) & Magician/Alchemist blend and Cerries has an Alchemist/Magician & Sage blend. You would expect a similar expression right? But no. The ladies are totally different in approach, visuals, and wording. Kaye is coming from a Sage angle and Cerries from her Alchemist angle. It’s a real good case study, comparing these two. But even if the blend is exactly the same, there will still be many variations on how to express that blend.

So yeah, I have taken both tests, and I had an even deeper dive in Kaye’s free challenge and Cerries’ pay what you want starter kit. Oh my, it’s all so fascinating! I can lose myself exploring in this material happily ever after, finding heaps more in cyberspace and in my inner unconscious worlds.

By the way, have I told you that I studied Carl Gustave Jung’s personal and collective unconscious psychology for 3 years?

The Wayfinding Entrepreneur Brand Archetype BlendsRight now, I’m still bringing all the brand archetype gems together. But it has brought me so much practical stuff already: all the words that are meaningful for my blend, what my ideal clients are after, and how I serve them best. I have created categories for my blog, social media, page and Facebook group that align with my blend. What kind of content, etc. etc. etc.

Bit by bit I will unpack and reveal the gems that I have collected. But there is one real BIGGIE. Some weaving has been going on unconsciously the last few months. As a preparation. As a journey map that slowly is showing its true landscape.

And oh wow, it’s so exciting! Look for my post on my Facebook page tomorrow morning.
I’m off now. It’s our Friday date night.

Happy Soul Searching!