Immediately after I had stepped inside the man asked me ‘Would you like something to drink, coffee or tea?’. Oh dear… he hadn’t heard of selling in a better way yet…

Apparently, they had nothing else to offer. But it was also a question that I knew was coming. I chuckled without making a sound.

‘No thank you’, I said politely. ‘Are you looking for something in particular?’, the man tried again. ‘No not really, just browsing thank you’, hoping he got the clue. ‘If there’s something I can help you with, just let me know’, he said.

He looked like he had asked these questions for many years. Too many years maybe. Shiny shoes, wearing a blue suit, white shirt, and a matching tie. His smile wasn’t genuine but a learned trick.

Yay, I was on my own. Happy browsing could finally start.

But not for long….!

Man number 2 approached me. And guess what? The same questions! Still being polite, I let him drink his own coffee or tea.

A few minutes or so later, another one had spotted me. Man number 3 asking the same questions. I started to get annoyed.

But I thought they had given up by now. Again, I chuckled without making a sound.

Slowly I moved forward. Scanning the hall to look for something that would catch my eyes. Well, something caught my eyes all right, but that had nothing to do with my intention of being there.

First, I thought, ‘ah just a coincidence’. I walked 2 meters forward and looked from the corners of my eyes. The same movement.

Again, I walked 2 meters forward. Yep, it’s obvious. Man number 4 is stalking me!

Now I wasn’t concentrating on my mission anymore. I was too distracted by the man number 4 moving along with me.


I walked towards him. He looked happy and eager, ready to sell me something. But he didn’t expect what was coming next.

‘I feel really uncomfortable that you are following me!’, I said with a clear irritation in my voice.

Instead of being human and apologising, he continued with his sales techniques. ‘Yes, it’s just in case you can’t find what you are looking for’.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Totally wrong!

I felt being treated as a child. ‘How on earth can I miss 4 metre objects?! If I want advice, I’ll come and ask!’, I said becoming angry now.

‘But you know what? I’ll buy my car somewhere else, thank you!’ and off I went.

Sales techniques are needed to get people to buy a product, programme or service. Saying ‘Yes’ to a cup of coffee or tea is a micro-commitment. The technique is to let you say ‘Yes’ as much as possible. Because later you’ll say ‘yes’ to buying something.

But sleazy sales techniques are a different cup of tea. They either don’t work – as in my case. Or they do work, but they make you feel bad afterwards. You feel set up and not taken seriously.

You have bought once but now you regret it and will never ever buy again from that company.

A wayfinding entrepreneur prefers honest and genuine sales and builds a long-term relationship with their clients.

As a reader of my Wayfinding Wisdom articles, I assume that you fully agree with this, saying ‘Heck yes, that’s the way to do it!’

That doesn’t mean that you like having sales conversations, live or on the phone. Maybe you even hate sales talks. You’re not alone!

The four most common fears are the fears of calling, asking to buy, rejection, and dealing with objections.

I’ve been there too! That’s why I started my research on how to do sales conversations that make potential clients happy, fits your style, and are even fun to do. So, ditch the cold calling and hard selling. And tackle your fears for better results. It’s time for warm, subtle, and invitational selling!

Wanna learn that too, selling in a heartfelt way? You can do this! Book a free strategy call to discover the missing pieces of the sales talk puzzle, and how I can help you to get over your sales fears. Here’s the link to book your free call:

Wishing you many heartfelt moments today!

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

The car sales company went bankrupt…

Photo credit: Annie Spratt – Unsplash