The business and marketing world is full of impersonal and aggressive words. Let’s put those words on our list of the most annoying buzzwords. Like this one, TRAFFIC. 😒

These are some examples of how that word is misused in our opinion…

  • Your digital marketing campaign needs targeted traffic.
  • The ultimate goal for any business website is to drive traffic.
  • You should target cold traffic to introduce your brand or products. Begin building a relationship with them (note Monika: so that’s the cold traffic…) in an effort to turn them into warm/hot traffic.

Marketers, small business owners, etc. are looking for ways to connect with their clients and potential clients. Well then, how about starting with more PERSONAL words?!

Almost everyone is using that buzzword “traffic”. But the words you choose or the metaphor that you use are important in the way you bond with people.

The metaphor of traffic doesn’t match with building a relationship. Traffic is getting from A to B 🚗🚗⏩as quickly as you can. Whereas bonding with people 👩‍❤️‍👩💑👨‍❤️‍👨 is about organically building a long-term relationship, based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences. And that takes time, doesn’t it?

If we want to create better futures, we need to start with the metaphors we use, align them with our intention of bonding, and match our words accordingly.


Do you agree?