Six out of ten drivers get lost while driving to their destination, even when using a GPS!

The stress level rises, because they need to be somewhere on time. Which leads to quite some tension in the car. The ‘Where are we?’ question is often the starting point of many quarrels.

What happened? Why do people get lost despite their virtual guide in the car?

Well, there can be many reasons. The information is outdated. Certain streets were missing. They couldn’t understand the instructions. Or they had forgotten to take the destination address with them.

Another thing is that people rely on their GPS and don’t have a detailed map in their car. Really? Yes. So, if their GPS stops working, they are really in trouble

Have you ever experienced being lost? I certainly have.

I had to leave in a rush and forgot to take the address with me. And, as if the devil wanted to play a trick with me, all the people I was supposed to meet had turned their phones off so I couldn’t ask…

I tried to find my way on good luck but had to give up in the end. Shame. Shame. Shame.

One third of drivers say they absolutely can’t live without their GPS. They let their roadmaps get dusty.

I don’t know how many but I guess even less people use a clear roadmap in business. And then what happens? Yep. They get lost. They feel overwhelmed. They get stuck.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I would love to see you in flow in your business, with clarity and feeling relaxed while you’re on your journey. Then you can fully enjoy the ride and get great results, more than you ever would have thought.

A roadmap would make that journey easier, faster and with less stress. I can tell, because I made that ‘no map mistake’ in my first business too.

I followed all kinds of courses with several business gurus, but they only taught me disjointed pieces of the puzzle. Confusing!

Or they did provide a roadmap, but only the part in the middle, not the beginning nor the ending. Where to start?!

Secondly, a business guru is like a GPS.

They tell you where to go where they think you should go, not what fits your mood or style. They give you instructions in a difficult marketing language. It is distracting from your own intuition. And often the information is outdated too, because they focus on their piece of the puzzle and not on the entire journey.

My advice?

First of all, use a roadmap that gives you overview and has many detailed maps. Not only what to do but also how. A roadmap and maps that are continuously updated.

Secondly, get a business coach that knows what he or she is talking about. Who offers a journey from A to Z.

And you know what?

Tadaaaa… you can now get a free copy of the Thriving Lifestyle Business roadmap! It has three stages from beginning to end: Connect, Invite and Elevate. Each stage has 3 steps.

And the essential first step is…You!

Because you can design perfect processes and systems. But you are the key success factor in your business. Many people that I speak say “I’m not an expert yet, I’m not unique in what I offer, or I’m not that interesting so what should I say?”.

Oh heck yes, you are! I can see the gem in you that can be transformed from hidden or vague to sparkling!

Click here and get your free copy of the Thriving Lifestyle Business Roadmap.

Drive safely this weekend!

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

Photo credit: Regis F – Unsplash