Honestly, I never ever would have thought I would be living in New Zealand and be so happy in love with my wonderful partner Victor.

Making that decision, back in 2016, to take the big leap, saying goodbye to my son, family and friends in the Netherlands, was a sad moment but also one of the best things I ever did!

To me, New Zealand is a true treasure island. Here I found love, wonderful friends in a supporting community, vibrant nature, stunning views, awesome eco- and organic products, first a work visa and now a resident visa, and most of all: myself and my purpose in life.

I feel passionate about living a true green lifestyle, and my vision for the future is that this is the standard way of living.
In 2017, my personal belongings were on a ship sailing from the Netherlands to New Zealand. All my belongings in an antique Swedish glory box and 5 small boxes. That was it!

For the moving company these boxes were just boxes and my precious glory box was just a wooden trunk. But for me, this is my whole life!

The value of the boxes is maybe 200 euro or even less, but the emotional value is priceless! It was an emotional moment, early 2018, when I finally was able to open my boxes again and to give family photos, sculptures and memories a place in our lovely home.

Arriving in New Zealand and obtaining a work visa in 2016, meant I had to end my business and work only in my daily job. Never mind. This was my ticket to freedom!

While arranging shipment of my glory box, I realised that I had a ‘treasure box’ full of handy business tips, tools, and quick sheets. In the Netherlands, I spent at least twenty thousand euro on business courses. After those courses, I had heaps of information and practical actions, but they were not well structured.

To feel less overwhelmed, to figure out what comes in the right order, and how to do it, I created a step-by-step roadmap including templates and cheat sheets to get things done easier, faster and with a feeling of being in control.

And yay, now that I have my resident visa, I was able to start my business called The Wayfinding Entrepreneur and use all those sparkling treasures I created. For myself and to share those with my clients.

In my business, I help solopreneurs and small business owners with a green heart for people, animals and planet to get a steady flow of their ideal clients. I help them find out who they are, by exploring their inner and outer world, to experience a better, more authentic and more fulfilling life.

My clients’ biggest fear is the feeling of being fenced in, being trapped in a guru method that doesn’t fit with who they truly are.

Salesy, pushy, and sleazy marketing and sales don’t suit them either. They are looking for new, truly connecting ways, without feeling overwhelmed and spending heaps of money on business courses.
Because my clients’ biggest desire is to make their dreams come true and live their vision. To make an impact, to make things happen with soul and integrity, to make a difference in people’s lives.

My vision for the future is that ‘Contribution Before Money’ is the standard way of doing business. Green entrepreneurs are conscious consumers themselves, who just like I did, often struggle to set up their business or take it to the next level.

So, I thought “why keeping these treasures in the box?! Why don’t I help these people by sharing all my wisdom and practical tools?!”.

By sharing I can contribute to a better world, helping people and planet flourish here in New Zealand and overseas.

And there’s more. I’m passionate about promoting eco-tourism and conservation projects in New-Zealand too.

Last but certainly not least, I will also promote green products and services offered by proud Kiwis, share global best green business practice, and engage with New Zealand business-to-business services, such as experts in social media, finance, eco-travelling, sustainability consultants, etc.

I have heaps of ideas. I feel excited to share these with the world, connect with kindred spirits and build a great, supportive worldwide community. Watch this place for Honest Wayfinding Wisdom for small businesses (to be) all over the world!

What about you? Where are you now, on your journey to a flourishing business?

Are you sitting on the fence to be more visible in the world? Do you have great ideas, but you don’t know what the exact steps are to make your magical idea happen? Or are you on your way, but got lost, feeling overwhelmed? Is it a struggle instead of a flow?
Then let’s chat in a free 30-minutes call to map out your unique journey.Here’s the link to book your breakthrough moment: https://calendly.com/wayfindingentrepreneur

Discover the Magic in Your Life today!

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur