All living creatures are oriented to the future. It’s all about what can you do now that will make things turn out for the best.

Sometimes that might mean making something good even better, making something ordinary into something good, making something bad into something good or if it’s even harder just making sure things don’t get worse, or not as bad as they could be.

It is easy to get daunted by life’s challenges and feel powerless, isn’t it? Sometimes, you feel like fighting the tide while trying to start or grow your business. It can feel disheartening. Maybe you are feeling guilty and frustrated that comes with the feelings of “I’m not doing enough”.

Most challenging in your business is the transition from having the inspiration and ideas to actually making it happen, with all the uncertainty of whether or not it will work out the way you envisioned.

Also, climate change can feel like it is out of our hands and nothing we do will change what will happen. It is easy to blame someone else, find a reason to let us off the hook or deny that something is happening as it is.

It is so human to take one of these pathways. I know I do it every day in some way or another. But sometimes I take responsibility for the situation, forget about whether it is fair or not, whether I am right or not, and just do what I can.

What I find is that it is like sailing a boat at sea. I can’t control the waves, the currents, the winds, the rocks, or other boats that might be about. Nature is so much more powerful than me, how can I possibly get to where I want?

What I do is to use those things I do have control over in the smartest and most skilful way I can. When I skilfully sense my environment, keep adjusting the tiller to keep the boat on course, and trim the sails to keep the boat moving towards the goal, I make progress.

The tides and currents will probably take me to places I had not imagined or desired. I may need the support of others. I may need to find a safe haven for a while to let the winds die down. 

It means keeping my eye on the goal, be creative and sometimes being flexible about the goal. But in all but the most extreme situations, I can get there and I can make a difference. And so can you!

Happy wayfinding!

Victor MacGill

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Photo-credit: Bruce Warrington – Unsplash

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