“Help! My notes, ideas and to-do lists for my business are all over the place. Notes on different pieces of paper, in Evernote on my phone, in a notebook I carry along in my bag, in Word documents saved on the desktop or in folders, etc. etc.”

“And then, of course, I can’t find what I’m looking for.”

Jeanette looked really frustrated and was desperately looking for ways how to organise her business better and achieve her goals.

Yay, I can help! Getting things structured and organised is one of my key strengths. So, shall I share how I do it?

Let me show you how you make sure your business is in order, and that everything you do is related to achieving your business goals.

One of the strategies is to go paperless and in the cloud. Keep it all in one place.

The key to business success is to link every single to-do item to one of your business goals. These goals can be to build your list of subscribers, increase income, raise your brand awareness, expand your network, build relationships, launch new products or services, etc.

So, I have done that pre-work first. I created a list of all my goals and all my to-do things. And then I matched them together.

Next, I added everything in a super handy tool called Airtable.

Ever since I started using this tool, my life has become so organised and every single thing I do is a conscious strategic action. No more to-dos that lead to nowhere!

In this tool I can easily switch from a frequency view (daily, deadline, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) to a phase view, or even an element view, related to my 9-step ‘Business Impact’ roadmap.

I can group my to-do items by my business goals. Or show them in a calendar view, so I know exactly when to take action and what for.

Made a mistake in type of goal, or need to shift my action to another date? I can easily drag and drop them to the right or another place.

So handy!

It saves me tons of time, and I like to have overview in different ways, depending on what I need to know.

And there’s more. Heaps more.

I can link information from one table to the other and vice versa, attach files, images, photos and URLs, add notes, email addresses, make calculations, and even create formulas. To name a few.

Besides my to-do list, I have all pieces of my business in one dashboard. And I can invite collaborators or my assistant to my bases or to the entire workspace of my business.

Wherever you are, whenever you want, it’s all available in the cloud.

Incredibly handy! Even if you are not tech savvy, because they have heaps of templates with good explanations and tutorial videos.

Airtable is a combination of database and spreadsheet that makes it super easy to organise everything and makes things visible the way you want.

Check it out. You are invited to try it for yourself. Airtable offers a free plan as well.

So go ahead and organise anything in your life or business, starting with one of the many available templates or import your own Excel, CSV, spreadsheet or Google Sheets data: click on this link to visit Airtable’s website.

Happy organising!

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

I’m not a shareholder in the Airtable company, but I’m a raving fan because it makes my life and growing my business so much easier and more relaxed. Plus, I can invite others to work directly in my bases or give them viewing rights only, because it’s all in the cloud.
Inviting others does give me credits for each person who signs up, but you get the same credits when you start inviting people.

Photo credit: Rawpixel – Unsplash


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