Home again. And at the same time more on the road than ever!

My love Victor and I shifted from Christchurch back home to our beloved Nelson. That’s on the South Island of New Zealand, by the way. Since then we have lived in a motorhome while housesitting in between.

And while we are in Nelson, we move around a lot too. Or we head off, leaving for somewhere else in the South Island.

Aaahh, such a freedom! So exciting to explore all these places and being on the road. It feels like a never-ending holiday.

It’s something we didn’t plan at all. At one point we decided ‘let’s just do it and enjoy life!’ We took a deep breath and a big leap.

We are both so happy that we did this. It feels great to be surprised where our next office view or place to sleep will be. And if you’re wondering whether our relationship is still good living in a 12m2 motorhome, or not?  Yep, even better than ever!

The house sits in between are surprising too. What kind of house? What kind of animals? Is it in town or somewhere rural, like on the top of a hill with 360 degrees view and our own swimming pool? Yep, we’ve been there! 🙂 🙂

At the same time, being in Nelson and housesitting give us the anchor we need.

How delightfully symbolic is the new Taurapa sculpture near the Maitai river in Nelson. Taurapa is a Māori word for the sternpost of a waka (canoe). The sculpture is facing the incoming tide and symbolises exploration, courage and discovery.

Next to it is an anchor stone that connects the sculpture to the present, the land and water. Here are links to two articles. The first one shows the sculpture and environment from above, so beautiful!

I love this kind of symbolism, don’t you? Because as an entrepreneur, you are on a business journey and that takes a lot of courage too – in so many ways.

The courage to be your authentic self. To take risks. To step out of your comfort zone. To keep trying. To ask for feedback. And much much more.

And it’s all about exploring and discovering too. Making sense of all the pieces of the business puzzle. Discovering your own unique style and voice. Trying to get in the right flow. Finding a way that suits you. A way that feels authentic and true to your values.

On your business journey you need an anchor too. To stay connected to who you are, your ideal clients, and your business purpose. Let me be your anchor.

Would you like to explore how to grow your business in a heartfelt way? With soul and integrity?
Do you need to freshen up your mindset, to be able to go for it and make it happen? Then here’s the link to book your free strategy session on Zoom or Skype with me; and it’s easy-peasy to see all options in your own time zone: https://calendly.com/wayfindingentrepreneur

Happy Exploring!