Hi, my name is Monika de Neef, owner and founder of The Wayfinding Entrepreneur.

Here you find bite-size business and life lessons, operating from New Zealand to the World. It’s for conscious-living entrepreneurs and small business owners, who have a green- and social minded mentality. It’s for people who are looking for tips and hacks to get a steady flow of ideal customers they care about.

The Wayfinding Entrepreneur offers a global community and business coaching for people who like doing things from the heart, follow their own path and do good for people and planet. Your business – full-time, as a side-hustle or as start-up – is your way of life: social, green, ethical and authentic.

As Wayfinders we know that life does not offer a linear 1-2-3 road, but it does offer a vibrant interconnected journey. A path to enjoy full with curiosity and gratefulness. The same goes for our businesses and entrepreneurship. We know that running a good business is way more than making money only.

The Wayfinding Entrepreneur offers a global feel good community for people like you. Welcome! Let’s connect and unite to co-create a better world together!

Grab a drink and start reading my blog. You’ll find bite-size articles about the following #7 categories:


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