She stood abruptly still and wouldn’t move. Just like a stubborn donkey.

I convinced her to come to me. And she did. Especially because I gave her something yummy to eat.

Ok, let’s go now!

After two metres she did it again. And again. And again.

She put the brakes on with an amazing force in her little body and legs, as if she pulled the handbrake while driving full speed.

Meet power-girl Singe, a 5 year-old Brussels Griffon. One of our housesit doggies for 10 weeks. Isn’t she cute?

190618 Singe Belgian Griffon  photo in text

Most of the times there was nothing obvious that scared her. But you saw her going through all those scary things that might happen while being out on the streets.

At one point the post man was riding his bike on the footpath. Now that scared the hell out of me too, because I didn’t see him coming trying to get Singe moving again.

I see this happening with people who are starting their business or who want to grow their practice: procrastination.

They have great ideas. Yay, let’s go. And then, suddenly, they stop abruptly.

On the surface, there are all kinds of legitimate reasons why they can’t move forward. But a bit deeper I see the fear. And I hear the limiting stories they tell themselves.

Or, they keep themselves extremely busy with all kinds of things, spinning around like a crazy hamster gone wild in its wheel. Because all these things aren’t helping them to move forward.

And then their excuse is, “I’m soooo busy. I don’t have the time!”.

But wait, if you’re thinking right now ‘OMG, that sounds like me!’, I can reassure you that it is not your fault. Life IS complex. It’s human nature. We all have this complexity and emotional dynamics inside us. Yep, me too!

There is no failure. There is only one question, ‘Now that I’m aware of this, what am I going to do next?’

Just like encouraging Singe to walk, I figured out that there’s only one solution. Dragging or pushing won’t help. Distracting the mind does.

Think about the positive things in your situation. Come up with evidence why your negative thought is wrong. Focus on what gives you joy. Embrace your strengths. Focus on one first tiny step, just like the Chinese proverb ‘One step at a time is good walking’.

Seek expert guidance. I’d love to guide you to the shortcut through the business & marketing jungle by keeping it simple. Let’s explore and find the way that is a perfect fit for you and your business:

Enjoy your walk!

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

Photo-credit: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen – Unsplash