It was my brother’s birthday yesterday – congrats, bro! – so that made me think of my hometown Rotterdam where I was born ages ago.

When we grew up, the city was ultimately booorrring. Absolutely nothing to do for us, young teenagers. For our date nights we went to some villages nearby. That says something, aye?! 

You can be booooring in your business too. Only giving tips without a personal story. Having the same opinion as everyone else. Or copy-pasting what others are doing.

You’ll only stand out when you choose. When you are yourself. When your business personality fits with who you are.

And Rotterdam made a great choice. Rebranding into Architecture, Sustainability, and Innovation. I’m so damn proud of my birth town now!

So I tell everyone to forget Amsterdam, and visit Rotterdam in the Netherlands only 😉 You’ll love it, I promise! And if you do want to see some canals, visit Delft – close to Rotterdam – instead.

Because I’m on the road today, I’ll leave you to it to watch a Rotterdam promo video. Please turn your sound off if you don’t like that kinda music. That’s absolutely NOT boring. Here’s the link:

Do you prefer a slow article? Then read the 10 reasons why you should visit Rotterdam.

Enjoy your virtual visit! I’ll see you tomorrow.

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

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Photo credit: Stijn Hanegraaf – Unsplash


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