I’m stepping outside on the deck and there he is. Just sitting quietly.

I reach out my hand. Slowly. Does he know I’m there? He still doesn’t move.

I’m close now.

Surprisingly, he allows me to touch him. Which he would never do in normal situations. He won’t even let me come close.

I touch him softly, hearing a weak sound now.

I walk back into the house. Thinking, shall I get a towel? Or something else? What would he like best?

By the time I get back I see him moving. Again, I approach him slowly.

But no, this time he doesn’t want me close anymore. Bugger! But is he all right? Because then it would be ok for me. He would be himself again.

I try again. Sloooowly taking a step forward. No movement. One more tiny step. Nope, now he’s running away from me.

Do you still hold the cat? I ask my partner. Mister G looks very annoyed and disappointed at me.

Mister G is the cat. Of course 😉 We have just kept him away from a delicious snack.

We all watch the bird flying away. Back to his mates in the trees on the hill.

What an adventure. Flying against a window, sitting dizzy and numb for minutes. And Mister G close by with a drooling look on his face.

In business we often experience a ‘dizzy and numb’ phase too. That can happen in two situations.

One is when we get overwhelmed by the tsunami of information. It keeps on coming in all kinds of ways, and in all kinds of forms. Facebook posts, Youtube videos, emails, voicemails, Instagram posts, messages in Messenger, Whatsapps, phone calls. You name it.

Many healthy people feel numb when it comes to posting on social media, writing blog articles or getting started with their never-ending to do list. Oh gosh, there’s so much to do.

Another situation is a phase called ‘analysis paralysis’. In other words, the state of overthinking a situation so that a decision or action is never taken. There is so much data and information that we feel dizzy.

It’s all linked to perfectionism. And to procrastination. But it is also something deeper. Something you are hardly taught.

In our world view we think we need to do things in a certain way: research an idea or a problem, analyse, choose the right strategy, come up with a plan, and then take actions to move us forward.

Sounds logical right?

Yes. And … there’s more.

Because business is life. And life is not linear only. Life is also chaos. And as humans we tend to fight against that chaos. ‘There shall be order’.

But wait! Chaos is the ultimate life force. It’s the ultimate and essential source for creating things that you wouldn’t have thought of in other ways.

There are two things to do. First, simplify your linear life. Focus on your top 3 to 5 priorities. Master 1 social media channel first. Choose another way of inviting people to your business that fits with who you and your business are.

Secondly, allow The Unpredictable deliberately and consciously to come close into your life. Open your heart and mind. Let wisdom flow out of your pores. Let – what I call – Golden Nuggets come into your life. This is a great and exciting part of wayfinding entrepreneurship.

So how to move forward in your business? Making things that truly matter happen, without feeling dizzy and numb?

My coaching clients are able to fly again. Soaring high up in the sky. Rising swiftly. Feeling alive. Having time to spend with their loved ones and good friends.

You too can grow your business in a way without feeling dizzy and numb. In three stages: Connecting, Inviting and Elevating. Curious to get started in a way that feels good and helps you soar?
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Be smart, wise, and savvy today!


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Featured photo credits by fred-kearney-750722-unsplash


Do you have these Dizzy and Numb moments too? What is your best tip to come back to life again?