“Ooooh, this must have been a castle! Look at all those rocks! Yes, there’s probably a treasure too. Let’s explore and find it”.

Two ten-year-old girls hopped from stone to stone. Telling stories to each other about what had happened and why the castle was broken down. They envisioned knights, kings and queens, and hidden treasures.

“Look! This must be a part of a secret door!”. Oh yes, the two girls were really excited now. And they looked around to check if no one else was here who could ruin their discovery. They wanted it to be their secret.

This ancient castle made them feel so thrilled, discovering a secret place and seeking hidden treasures. All this fed their need to go adventuring.

On holidays these two girls explored the forests and the dunes. Being absolutely certain that there must be a secret passage to another world, another time here.

I was one of those two girls. My friend and I were passionate raving fans of Enid Blyton’s ‘The Famous Five’ books. Have you read them?

Nostalgia! It’s a book series about four kids and a dog who like nothing better than to spend their holidays hiking and biking, camping and exploring by themselves, invariably falling into adventures.

So cool!

My friend and I grew up in Heijplaat, an isolated neighbourhood of Rotterdam, built in a Garden Village design as a sharp contrast to the shipyard and container area that surrounded the village.

I hated living there, by the way. Our holidays were my great escape to natural forests, dunes, and beaches. Even as a young child, I felt connected and alive being in nature.

Back to our adventures …

One major ability of the Dutch is to reclaim land. So, when they needed to expand the harbour, they created new land. And to make sure the new dike was rock solid, they dumped…

Yep, those rocks that my friend and I climbed on 😉

But hey, even when we heard that story, we were thinking ‘Yeah, but those rocks must come from somewhere, so… the castle must be somewhere else!”. And so our adventure continued for years and years.

Exploring outdoors is a wonderful way to expand your horizon, to imagine new ways without any boundaries. Great benefits are: recharging your energy and short-term memory, feeling inspired, exploring new ideas and opportunities, boosting creativity, and getting new insights on how to be ethical and sustainable.

What can you explore for your business, while enjoying nature?

How about changing your worldview, shifting your mindset and habits, creating an inspiring vision, getting inspired how to create more value to your clients, developing a business model strategy, improving the efficiency of processes, growing your business to the next level, and much much more.

The possibilities are endless.

Speaking about exploring. Let’s get inspired together. I have a question for you:
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Yay, it’s Friday evening here in New Zealand and a long weekend too! We celebrate Queen’s birthday on the first Monday of June, even though Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21 April 1926.


Good question. Well, it was decided to spread the public holidays within the 16 Commonwealth Realms to fit with other public holidays. One of the official activities on Monday is the appointments of Dames and … Knights.

You see?! Life IS circular! It’s the perfect time for adventure, to explore the whereabouts of their castle! 😉

Never Stop Exploring! Have an adventurous weekend!

Monika de Neef – The Wayfinding Entrepreneur  

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Photo credit: Julian Hochgesang – Unsplash