Are you asking yourself, “How am I unique compared to others who do exactly the same as I do”? 🤔

Well, there are many ways to answer this question. Discover a deeper way in this article.


Is Your Trinity of Truth Aligned?

One of the deeper ways is what I call the ‘Trinity of Truth’. 💖💖💖 That is the combination of your life purpose, your soul purpose, and your life’s work. And especially how they are aligned.

There’s nothing ‘woo woo’ here, on the contrary. Let me explain, using myself as an example, and help you discover your Trinity of Truth by asking you some questions.


1 – Your Life Purpose

Firstly, your life purpose is about the core values you’re focusing on to help enhance those values into the world. For me for example, those values are Authenticity, Connectedness, and Curiosity.
And what are your core values? What do you think the world needs more of? And not only think but what values are you truly passionate about?


2 – Your Soul Purpose

Secondly, who you are at your deepest level and how you fuel your life purpose is your Soul Purpose. ✨
For example, I am a Seer 👀 of Potential and Opportunities; I guide what is not visible or doesn’t have a voice yet into the world to manifest what wants to happen. I practice that for myself and help others in their life and business. However, this only works to its fullest potential, by the way, when I/we/they have an open mind, open heart, and – also very important – an open will…
If I was to cut away all the labels and fluffy words, what is essentially YOU? How would you describe yourself starting with “I am…”? And how does that create a bridge between who you are and your life purpose? What energy pours from within you to the outer world?


3 – Your Life’s Work

Thirdly, your life’s work can and – most likely – will change throughout your life. That is a completely natural process that works this way for many of us. 
Right now, I’m guiding soulful entrepreneurs with a green heart for people, animals, and the planet to grow their business in a heartfelt way, leading to a steady flow of ideal clients and an awesome income. But I have worked as a secretary, a project coordinator, a salesperson, an event organiser, and an auditor for example too.
So, what is your work, paid or unpaid, today? Or what is a hobby that you are passionate about? What kind of jobs have you had? Or what kind of projects were you working on for example?


How the Trinity of Truth makes you unique

Most importantly, it’s the combination of your soul purpose, your life purpose, and your past and current life’s work that truly matters. Because it’s the trinity that is giving you a unique perspective from within a deep level on how you do your job, run your project, do voluntary work, work on your creative project, etc. now compared to others who do exactly what you do.

In addition, everything else such as talents, skills, knowledge, etc. comes on top of that. But that is the realm of the mind.

The Trinity of Truth makes you unique and memorable because it’s the deeper realm of heart and soul that touches people’s hearts. 💕


Your uniqueness becomes your biggest contribution

And there’s another wonderful effect. Because when you feel that alignment, you’ll also feel that you serve a bigger purpose. You feel that it’s not about you. And it certainly is not about the money. As a result, your uniqueness also becomes your biggest contribution to people and the world! Then your Trinity of Truth is giving you that feeling of ultimate Joy and gratefulness 🙏


What is giving you Joy?

Now I’m curious in return…
What is your view on this? What does ‘the Trinity of Truth’ mean to you? 🥰⬇