The starting point of your business flow is crucial. So many business coaches start with the business stuff. But actually, it starts with YOU! If you are not shining and thriving, your business won’t too. You are your business, and the business is you. That is if you truly live your business.

Within this first step of the Thriving Lifestyle Business roadmap, your pathway to a steady flow of ideal clients, your mindset, and lifestyle are key elements.

Your mindset is one of the key factors to shine and thrive in life. A mindset is an established set of attitudes. These attitudes will lead to action, but of not. They lead to procrastination based on limiting stories we tell ourselves.

I have had many limiting stories. And those stories prevented me from taking massive courageous actions. After struggling with myself for many years, I got out of my own way. And I created a simple method to instantly change my thoughts and habits.

Because I have many, often deep layers, of fears and doubts. These won’t go away entirely. In itself fears and doubts are good. They help you to reflect and take conscious actions. That is if you don’t let them overwhelm you.

Being courageous means to take action while feeling fear and doing it anyway. So how to do that? I created ‘SASACCO. It’s an acronym for Situation, Assumption, Story, Awareness, Connect, Choice and Opportunity.

My method is based on Alan Seale’s inspiring DiSCO tool. I attended his Transformational Presence Leadership & Coaching training, a life-changing moment! He’s a top coach, spreading his wonderful Transformational Presence work. I also highly recommend his book “Create a world that works“.


Let me explain my ‘SASACCO‘ tool

You experience life in several situations. Based on that experience, positive, neutral or negative, you create an assumption. That assumption leads to uplifting or limiting stories.

And then you get stuck in the never-ending loop. Based on your stories, you end up in the same situations which affirm your assumptions. And the stories get deeper into your being. You can get out of this never-ending loop.

To do that, you need awareness. You need to know and understand that something is happening or exists. The next step is to connect on several levels: with yourself in the first place, with other people, with the environment, with divine energy.

Only then you make a truly conscious choice: how do I want to show up in this situation? It’s all about making a choice that uplifts both you, other people and the planet. And then you will see that many opportunities, the last step in this method, will arise.

In summary, the ‘SAS’ part keeps you stuck, and the ACCO helps you move forward.

There’s a lot more to share about my ‘SASACCO’ method, and about other key factors. But that’s for another time 😉


Curiosity in your Mission Quest Journey

One key element I’d like to share now. And that is… Curiosity. I discovered that creating 4 pillars of topics in what I call a ‘Mission Quest Journey’ that interest me and have nothing to do with my business, made a huge difference in moving forward.

Curiosity means fun and discovery. It will create important defining moments: when you least expect things, you really discover things that will mean a catalyst for your personal and business growth.

Your lifestyle is an expression of who you are and what you think is important in life. You are the sum of your past, present and also your future. When I started to make decisions from within my Future Self, synchronicities showed up to offer me many opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you believe in synchronicity or not. What truly counts is what you do with them. Making conscious choices and decisions creates opportunities.


Practical ‘Future Self’ exercise

Here’s a practical exercise, to envision your Future Self in a detailed story. How does your lifestyle look like? How do you live? With whom? Where? What are you doing? How much money do you need to have an enjoyable life without financial worries?
Then practice ‘backcasting’, working back from the future to the present. What choices have you made, and which opportunities presented itself that were catalysts moving you forward in life and business?
Use your imagination. Just start writing for 5 to 15 minutes. Write daily to add more details until you are happy with Your Future Self & Backcasting story.

Monika de Neef, the naturally honest Wayfinding Entrepreneur

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How is it to start with ‘Your Future Self’ and ‘SASACCO‘ in your business?

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