Are objections in sales making you nervous?

When you know there’s a sales conversation coming up or when you are giving a presentation, you might start to feel nervous about that dreadful moment… asking people to buy.

Because you already know that people will come up with an objection, and probably more. Arggh! And you know it, because you have objections too when you want to buy something, right?

Statistically, almost half of sales conversations end without an attempt to close the sale.

And then you feel regret. “I should have said this or that…” you’re thinking after the call or presentation. “Stupid!” says the critical voice in your head, for example.

If you recognise some of this or when you’re curious, then stay tuned.

Because today I like to inspire you with three ways to see objections in a whole new light. It’s something I have learned to deal with myself. Because I was so nervous about that “ask to buy” moment, I started talking too much. And that’s killing for a selling and buying moment!


Three ways to see objections in sales in a whole new light

So here are the 3 inspirational ways…


Number 1 – it’s an opportunity to learn more about your contact’s worldview and attitude

If you shift your focus from your own feeling to a total focus on your potential client, he or she will feel heard and seen and will reveal more about the true feelings, thoughts, and attitudes in life. In addition, it could also uncover a misunderstanding about what you do and what you offer.


Number 2 – it’s an opportunity to start a deeper dialogue than a sales conversation

Let me explain this by three differences.

Firstly, a sales conversation follows a script, asking tactical questions. And a dialogue is about deep listening, also listening to what is NOT being said.

Secondly, a sales conversation is about Buying. And a dialogue is about Helping someone to move forward.

Thirdly, a sales conversation is about Getting. And a dialogue is about Caring.


Number 3 – it’s an opportunity for something new to emerge in the space between you and your potential client

What do I mean by “the space between”?

Well, the old school of sales focuses on you as a seller, for example. You just want the deal, so you have learned a script. What to say and what questions to ask. Therefore, the focus is on getting the deal, right?

However, the new way of sales focuses on the potential client and on building trust and a relationship, as we have seen in number 1 and 2 here.

And yet, there is also a new, third way. The space in between is the realm of the relationship itself, the interconnectedness between you and your potential client.

It is also the realm of potential. When both of you are in a mental state, there’s little chance for potential to emerge. Therefore, it requires a deep sense of presence and deep listening.

And you, as the initiator of the dialogue, hold the space for your potential client. Something might pop up that is beneficial for him or her, and it might also be something for you, but it will always be beneficial for the relationship you’re building.


There is a new “Wayfinding” way that focuses on the relationship itself

This is a new “Wayfinding” way, in which you also listen deeply to the relationship as it has a voice of its own, being a living entity.

So, my third way goes much deeper than a dialogue. I believe we and the world need this new “Wayfinding way” for finding new and better solutions that help create a world that works for us all.


More about the new “space in between” another time. Back to objections.

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Objections are a natural part of the human process, therefore it makes perfect sense to be prepared for them.


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Monika de Neef the naturally honest business coach at The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

Monika, the Wayfinding Entrepreneur