Hi, how are you today?

Here’s a quick email to share my latest video about sales conversations.

Victor and I are on our way to the gorgeous Nelson-Tasman area. We are looking forward to our mini-trip, as a sort of mini-retreat. The last few weeks of grief and mourning around the death of my sweet sister-in-law Sandra, were very intense. Spending some time in stunning nature will be good for our heart and soul 🙂 🙂

Maybe you think you’re not good at sales conversations? Or do you even shrink and shiver when hearing the word ‘sales’? 

No worries! 

Because you know what…? I thought and felt the same! But I learned that authentic marketing and sales in a soulful and heartful way ARE possible!

In my video, I share 3 sales tips that will make a huge difference so that your sales conversations will be authentic and feel good.
Because sales conversations are in essence all about *nurturing relationships*

Have a wonderful day!

Monika de Neef,
the naturally honest Wayfinding Entrepreneur

here the link to the video: