An added little touch goes a long way. It is months ago, but I still have the handwritten note she sent me.

Kelly from Reuseful not only thanked me for buying her reusable products, she also touched my heart by saying she will always remember me for being her first ever non-friend/non-colleague customer! 😊

A delightful customer suprise by Kelly from Reuseful NZ :-D

When someone is looking for an online shop offering reusable eco-friendly products, I refer them to her. Kelly made me feel special, so she is and will be on the top of my mind. And I love supporting her business and her vision of a clean and green New Zealand. Right now – as we speak – I’m about to order sustainable bamboo products such as clothes pegs, a veggie brush, cotton buds and a set of tooth brushes.

You can be memorable for your customers too. Think of something that is free, unexpected, special, and relevant. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just be creative and personal.

Here are 17 other ways to surprise and delight your customers:

  1. Offer an amazing ‘walk the extra mile’ customer service
  2. Make things right for an unhappy customer
  3. Schedule a lunch or time for coffee
  4. Feature customers on your website
  5. Send treats or goodies
  6. Throw a party with your customers as VIP guests
  7. Send a card or gift when your customer has some business news or is celebrating a special occasion
  8. Discount your customers’ invoices as a way of saying thank you
  9. Send a Gift Card
  10. Send them each a t-shirt beforehand to wear on the weekend. Then, if they stopped by our booth sporting their shirt, we gave them a free box of fresh-baked cookies and a free bottle of wine!
  11. Personalise your service with your customer’s details in mind
  12. Give them first or special access to an event or your new product
  13. Teach your customers something new related to your product or service; and offer that for free
  14. Give cash bonuses to customers who share a really compelling story on your blog
  15. Donate to charity and list all your customers
  16. Schedule customer appreciation days and come up with a new surprise
  17. Deliver a product personally when you’re in the neighbourhood and put some extra in the bag.


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