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Monika_de_Neef_The_Wayfinding_EntrepreneurWould you like to be confident and successful?
Doing good for people and the environment?
Get things done and make a good living without being salesy?

Hi, my name is Monika de Neef, the owner and founder of The Wayfinding Entrepreneur. Nice to meet you here. You’re in the right place, amongst kindred spirits all over the world.
Together with my love Victor MacGill, we serve soulful entrepreneurs and professionals with a green heart for people, animals, and the planet. You love to express your heart and soul in your business, doing what matters most to you. That alignment is essential. And we help you show that to the world.

More Business Goodness

More Business GoodnessReveal Your True Self. Empower Transformation. Run an Ethical Business. We believe the world needs more business goodness.
As an answer to social and environmental problems and the greedy way of doing business, many social enterprises step up with a good business plan. Almost all of profits are being reinvested in their projects or the enterprise. We see a new, third way. Where business as a force for good is the conventional way of doing business. And being in business is flexible. It doesn’t have to be full-time. You could have a part-time business next to your job or work from home. It’s not related to age either. Why not start a business at an older age?
The essence is giving value to the community and nourishing the environment, a cocreated, unfolding journey.

“The magic is in the journey, not the arrival at the destination. We fulfil our potential as we become our true selves, allowing the journey to unfold!” ~ Monika de Neef, The Wayfinding Entrepreneur

Bite-size Business and Life Lessons

Marketing Business Coaching Monika de Neef The Wayfinding Entrepreneur photo by Strawberry_jez-timms-217017-unsplashThere are many business courses, but they often take hours to watch, read or listen to. Many business coaches talk a lot and don’t get to the essence quickly. Or, they offer you all kinds of bonuses, which you actually don’t need. It’s too overwhelming, isn’t it?
The Wayfinding Entrepreneur is different. Monika created practical step-by-step guides and templates that show you exactly what to do, how, when and in the right order. Besides that, we believe in a people-centred and connected way of doing business. Not the “From Zero to Million Quickly” kind of style. It’s too pushy and salesy, isn’t it?
So, here you find bite-size, practical and encouraging lessons. Victor created a method that helps you connect with your True Self at a deeper level so you can boldly and courageously create your desired future. Because a successful business starts from within… You!

How The Wayfinding Entrepreneur started – and Why

Monika_de_Neef_The_Wayfinding_Entrepreneur_BlogAt first, it was Monika’s idea. She had been reading about complexity and conscious consumerism a lot. The complexity in the world today makes that ‘quick fixes’ don’t work. The same goes for doing business. Conscious consumers require a way of connecting and navigating the world that is different from what has been done so far. We need to learn new skills and develop new methods for all aspects of doing business. At the same time, it all starts with ‘You as Entrepreneur’.  How well are you connected to yourself, to your customers, to your peers, and to your environment?
While preparing her business for launch, Victor had created his Transformational Systems Wisdom™, which is based on sensing and making sense of human dynamics and the complexity of the world. A better understanding to create better futures.

Monika and Victor share a bold vision. The Wayfinding Entrepreneur is a thought leader, exploring new areas and bringing back practical ways to move forward.
We like to be a global force for good, operating from within our values to Connect, Be Curious, Unite and Contribute. In essence, it’s about serving a higher purpose. We’ll donate 25% of our net profit to social causes and projects that protects and regenerates nature.

About Monika

Rotterdam City The Wayfinding Entrepreneur Birth town Monika de Neef

Monika’s birth town Rotterdam

I never would have thought that I would be living in New Zealand! It’s a true story of serendipity. I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and ‘adopted’ by the Swedes.

Between 2004 and 2016 I have had my own business helping people with personal growth, leadership skills and change in organisations. Travelling to New Zealand turned my world upside down. I met Victor, my loving Kiwi partner, and decided to stay. Luckily, I found a job at Christchurch City Council related to business performance.

Although I do miss my son Yoran, family and friends a lot, I now call Aotearoa New Zealand ‘my home’. I love the connectedness with Aotearoa’s nature, with my community, and with entrepreneurs who – like us – live a conscious, green life.

I’m a life explorer and an alchemist, following my curiosity that takes me on inner transformational journeys and adventures in the world. You can find me walking in the hills, exploring cafés for the best yum coffees – especially turmeric lattes, reading about complexity and business, enjoying our garden, or cooking healthy meals.

Within me, I feel this urge to share my wisdom and practical business tips. And oh, last-but-not-least, I love travelling – of course. Together with Victor, I’m enjoying our freedom lifestyle while living in a motorhome and housesitting in between. Looking forward to meeting you!

About Victor

Victor MacGill creator Transformational Systems WisdomWell, there are lots of things that are important in my life. I am intensely curious; always trying to learn more and understand why we do things the way we do and then I like to share what I have learned.

That has seen me travel the globe to 45 countries, attending conferences and meeting people, researching and writing books, talks, web pages and more. I have been very fortunate in the opportunities I have had.

My partner and family are really important. Healthy relationships take time, effort and courage. In the three years that Monika and I have been together, we have both grown tremendously. Our life has taken us in directions we never dreamed of, but always in ways that reveal a greater and greater depth to who we are.

My daughter is now an adult and enjoying her own life with an enormous passion and dedication to being in charge of her life as she wants to live it. I am immensely proud of her.

My community nourishes and feeds me and I need to be regularly plugged back in to recharge me. I am supported when I need and also challenged. My work life provides me with opportunities to help and support people as well as learning opportunities.

I have now returned to my hometown of Nelson, New Zealand. I am now approaching my retirement age, which does not mean slowing down, but rather the opportunity to refocus on my priorities Living in a motorhome provides interesting opportunities to fashion out a different type of lifestyle and I am exploring many of the places I never really experienced in earlier years.


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