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We are helping soulful entrepreneurs with a green heart for people, animals, and the planet to align their business with their heart and soul

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Are You Starting Your Business or Coaching Practice?
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Your conscious way of life is reflected in your products and services too. Perhaps you sell eco-friendly, organic or natural products. Maybe you are coaching people in a holistic way or assist in healing body and mind. Perhaps you are a storytelling artist in words, visuals or movement, or an artisan making beautiful or delicious things by hand. You are socially conscious and community-minded. You care about a better future for people, animals and planet. You have a lot of heartfelt goodness to offer the world. But you love to make yourself more visible in a truly authentic and unique way. You would like to know how to achieve a natural flow of customers to have a sustainable income now and in the future.

Feeling Overwhelmed?Wondering How to Get a Steady Flow of Ideal Clients?

Imagine this…
Three simple stages will give you an overview, a step-by-step path, and make your life so much easier and less overwhelming.
You will know exactly what to do, in the right order and at the right time, without sacrificing your evenings and weekends.
You will attract your ideal clients you love working with in a natural way, even if you don’t like promoting yourself and if you were never good at sales talks. Your self-confidence grows as never before.

Looking for Ways to Improve One or More Business Topics?

From Ideas to a Profitable 'Do Good' Business

Your Unique Story and Compelling Message

A Less Overwhelming Plan to Get Things Done

Attracting More People to Your Website

Build a Community of Raving Fans and Supporters

Your Confidence and Being Courageous

Feeling at Ease in Purposeful Business Networking

Bundle Products & Services that People Love Buying

You are in the right place! Our clients love that we work in-depth and amazingly practical

Monika has highly developed eyes for business. It was great that her eyes helped me to set priorities, and also helped me see that owning a company is not just for “Mr. Directors”.

Sandra Souisa

Director, Holistic Health Centre Een & Al – Hilversum, The Netherlands

About Monika de Neef

Business and Marketing Strategist.
Naturally Honest.
Transformational and Highly Practical.

Hi, so nice to meet you here. My name is Monika de Neef and I’m your host, the owner and founder of The Wayfinding Entrepreneur.
Victor MacGill is my love and my partner in business too.

We strongly believe that the world needs More Business Goodness; The world needs more people with a Green Heart for people, animals, and the planet, like you. Because you are not only going for the money. You have a bigger purpose. You run a business or practice as a Force for Good. Living your True Self and a conscious, ethical lifestyle are important to you. You are just like us.

Monika de Neef, The Wayfinding Entrepreneur - Photo: Vesna Zuuring @

Wayfinding is about learning new skills to orient yourself and navigate the complex business world. It’s about exploring the deepness and richness of your inner world. And then to align your wisdom and uniqueness with your business. It’s about aliveness, connectedness and future-led decisions. If you want to dive deep into human dynamics, then Victor is your man.

Let’s make magic happen together! Let us help you create more flow and success in life and business. I created a new practical step-by-step roadmap with bite-size lessons. No sleazy, pushy or salesy stuff. It’s science-based, practically proven and learning from my mistakes and 20+ years of experience in business, quality management, and performance measurement.

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Ready to Take Action? Let’s Explore How to Move Yourself and Your Business Forward!

You started your business to experience that sense of freedom, right?Getting unstuck is not possible with willpower. Not even with waypower. How do we know? Because we have been there too.

Monika can help to get your business going. If all this resonates with you, then this might be a moment of serendipity.
The right message at the right time for you.

Let Monika check your missing pieces and roadblocks.
Let her guide you through the business and marketing jungle. Experience the freedom of a joyful business path
and get a steady flow of ideal clients.

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