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I help you turn what’s holding you back into your biggest strengths.
That transformation is your unique path to a thriving business.


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Are You Starting Your Business or Coaching Practice?
Do You Want More Clients and Offer What You Believe In?

If yes, then you are in the right place. My guess is that you have – what I call – a green heart for people, animals, and the planet. Your heart and your conscious way of living is reflected in your business, or the idea that you have. You care about doing good, choose a balanced lifestyle over money, and you are dedicated to create a better future.
Am I right? Because in a magical way, like-minded people like you explore the web and find their way here.
I feel your passion, desire to do good and your enthusiasm about your business, but I know from my own experiences that starting and running a business can be tough and frustrating….

Feeling Overwhelmed?Wondering How to Get a Steady Flow of Dream Clients?

How on earth do I get my first client?‘. You are ready for them but you hear crickets. Not a single soul is finding her or his way to you. 
Or, ‘How can I get more clients?’, you might be wondering. You have worked so hard and the money that comes in doesn’t pay the bills. You have to rely on your partner, a friend or your family. Or you can’t quit your job yet.

You feel awful and embarrassed to say that you can’t make it happen as you had imagined. And now you can’t tell when to get to that tipping point with a steady flow of dream clients as result.

What is holding you back? What stands in your way to get your business going? Do you have all kinds of jumbled and scattered pieces of the big business puzzle? Do you feel there are missing pieces but you don’t even know what pieces and where to look for?

You follow course after course but with opposite effect. You feel more off track than ever…

It’s Not Your Fault.
No one has shown you the big picture and how it all connects

Three stages to a thriving business

Three simple stages give you an overview, a step-by-step path, that makes your life so much easier and less overwhelming. Each stage has 3 steps, which I explain more in detail in the Thriving Business formula. Those stages are…

1 - Connect

2 - Invite

3 - Elevate

The essential phase that makes your life so much easier and the crucial foundation for your business is phase 1 – Connect. Investing your time and energy here will lead to a steady flow of dream clients in stage 2.
In stage 3 you’ll leverage that flow even further by creating never-ending loops.

The Thriving Business formula also has an intertwined, parallel path that is essential to succeed as an entrepreneur. Most business coaches start with defining your niche. But that’s not the place to start. Because, it starts with you and your dream lifestyle. That path is called the…

Inner Path to Full Potential

Imagine this. How would you feel? You know exactly what to do, in the right order and at the right time, without sacrificing your evenings and weekends. You attract the dream clients you love working with in a natural way, even if you don’t like promoting yourself and even if you hate sales talks.
Your self-confidence and bank account grow as never before. It’s magical!

Well, today you can discover all the steps and your inner path to full potential in my FREE Thriving Business formula. Click the button and start your journey.

You are in the right place!
My clients love the in-depth
and amazingly practical work

Monika has highly developed eyes for business. It was great that her eyes helped me to set priorities, and also helped me see that owning a company is not just for “Mr. Directors”.

Sandra Souisa

Director, Holistic Health Centre Een & Al – Hilversum, The Netherlands

About Monika de Neef

 Mindset & Marketing Strategist


Monika de Neef the naturally honest business coach at The Wayfinding EntrepreneurHi, so nice to meet you here. I’m Monika, a former extremely shy secretary and performance analyst turned wayfinding entrepreneur.

I have been a serial entrepreneur since 2002. Several businesses taught me how to start up and scale. I learned heaps – and keep on learning – from branding, copywriting, and marketing courses. But most from my own mistakes, trials and errors.

Wayfinding Entrepreneur

Wayfinding is about learning new skills to orient yourself and navigate the complex business world. It’s about exploring the deepness and richness of your inner world. Then implement the Thriving Business formula by aligning your wisdom with the uniqueness of your brand.

I’d love to be your guide and
see you thrive in business

Let me guide your transformation. Turn what’s holding you back into your biggest strengths. That transformation and the Thriving Business formula are the keys to becoming the successful entrepreneur you are meant to be.
I care about you, your success, and about the impact you can make. 
I believe in serendipity, the fortunate chance to realise your dreams, and that opportunity is knocking on your door to start your journey for real…