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You have or are starting a ‘Do Good’ business or practice

Your conscious way of life is reflected in your products and services too. Perhaps you sell eco-friendly, organic or natural products. Maybe you are coaching people in a holistic way or assist in healing body and mind. Perhaps you are a storytelling artist in words, visuals or movement, or an artisan making beautiful or delicious things by hand. You are socially conscious and community-minded. You care about a better future for people, animals and planet. You have a lot of heartfelt goodness to offer the world. But you need to make yourself more visible in a truly authentic and unique way. You would like to know how to achieve a natural flow of customers to have a sustainable income now and in the future.

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From Ideas to a Profitable 'Do Good' Business

Your Unique Story and Compelling Message

A Less Overwhelming Plan to Get Things Done

Attracting More People to Your Website

Build a Community of Raving Fans and Supporters

Your Confidence and Being Courageous

Feeling at Ease in Purposeful Business Networking

Bundle Products & Services that People Love Buying

Know What to Do. In an Honest Way. With Clarity and Focus.

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About Monika de Neef

Teaches Bite-size Business and Life Lessons. True Wayfinding Wisdom.

Hi, so nice to meet you here. My name is Monika and I’m the owner and founder of The Wayfinding Entrepreneur. I strongly believe that the world needs More Business Goodness; more people like you who run a business or practice as a force for good. You are most likely someone who isn’t only going for the money. Wayfinding is about learning new skills to orient yourself and navigate the complex business world. I created a new step-by-step model, with bite-size lessons: science based, practically proven and learning from my mistakes. Let me help you create more flow and success in life and business. Click on the button below to read my story and vision of a united global community of Wayfinding Entrepreneurs.

Monika de Neef, The Wayfinding Entrepreneur - Photo: Vesna Zuuring @ BouwEenBloeiendMerk.nl

“Monika took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable business in less than four months!”

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