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Find new, soulful ways to scale your business
on a strategic journey that aligns
your brand essence, remarkable customer journey,
and personalised marketing & sales automation.

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But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it?…

Are you reaching the boundaries of your business? You want to grow and scale, but how?

Is it time to rebrand your business? Or are you lacking clarity on what you stand for and how all the pieces fit together?

Are your potential clients or customers not engaged or leaving at some point in their customer journey? And you have no clue why?

Do you feel you are nothing more than your business? Where is the freedom of time that you dreamt about when you started your entrepreneurial journey?

Are you looking for ways to automate your digital marketing beyond email nurtures?

Are you looking for authentic strategies that express your true self as a person and your brand and that create a difference and meaningful impact?

Are you the creative, intuitive type of person who wants to find your own, unique way and not be a copy-paste of others?

Are you saying ‘heck yes, that’s me!’ to one or more of these questions?
I hear and see you!

Scale your business?
You’re in the right place to elevate your brand,
without giving up your life and freedom of time

Monika de Neef The Wayfinding Entrepreneur helps scale your business and elevate your brand through automated customer journeyHi, I’m Monika de Neef, your dedicated authenticity-driven brand & business automation strategist.

After 20 years of serial businesses in personal development, change management, and leadership coaching, I can so relate to the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

And I’m continuously on a quest to figure out what works and to demystify the business world. I’m a visionary, seeker, and innovator.

One of the profound truths that I discovered is that we as humans tend to try more strategies and tactics when things don’t seem to work, but what we need to do is to go back to our essential foundation first.

In essence, business is all about holistically understanding your – potential – clients or customers. And to do that well, you need to understand yourself and your business first.

Only then, you can authentically align strategies and tactics, map them out first, and start automating them.

My approach has 3 steps and is called Brand. Map. Flow.

If you embark on the full journey, it’s branding, customer journey, and automation of digital marketing, sales, and operations.
PS: I don’t like the word ‘funnel’ so I call it ‘flow’.

I guide you in finding your own, unique brand style and your way of growing and scaling your business.
That’s what I call ‘Wayfinding Entrepreneurship‘.

Here you can find out more about me.

And if you like to explore how I can help you, then the Work with Me page is a good place to start.

You’re invited to take a step in the right direction

I know how scary it can be when you’re on the edge. You feel the desire to fulfill your potential, and yet it takes quite a bit of courage to step over the threshold.

Maybe you have tried things before that didn’t work. Maybe it’s again being on that edge of change.

From experience, I learned that it’s a good feeling. Because when I feel like that, it means that I am being asked to do something that truly matters to me.

You are invited. Most importantly, by your Future Self.

I believe in Serendipity. You too? And that’s not just a random event. Serendipity is a process and it happens because you have been preparing yourself.

You are on a mission to make a meaningful impact. And I’m here to help you do that authentically, more aligned, and faster.

Let’s chat, explore your vision and where you are now, and discover the bridges and paths to get you where you are meant to be.

See our chat as a waypoint on your journey. Honest, real value, and pitch-free.

Are you ready to chat?

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If you scale your business without alignment
with your brand essence,
that’s like pouring water in a bucket with holes…

Grow and scale a business that works for you, not against you, so that it enables you to live a good life and do good for the world.

So how can I help you get that alignment?

You can choose between four services that will help you naturally attract dream clients, collaborators, and funders who resonate with you, with the style of your business, and your amazing offers.

Have a quick look at my four services below or visit the ‘Work with Me’ page.

Scale business by being an enchanting brand,
that creates difference
through a delightful, automated customer journey

Enchanting Brand Journey

Get clarity on your brand, fully mapped customer journey, aligned and automated marketing & sales strategies in place.

Delightful Customer Journey

Holistically understand your – potential – clients or customers and their needs, and a strategic map of customer journey steps.

Declutter Your Marketing

Ditch the strategies and tactics that don’t align with your brand style and that are complicated and outdated.

Marketing & Sales Automation

Digital marketing strategies and sales process – flows aka funnels, content, emails – running 24/7 on auto-pilot.

Ready to bring the magic into your business?

I can help and would be honoured to be your guide and tech-help.

You’re the Chief Explorer
of your Unique Truth
that is the key to your thriving lifestyle business

…who had invited me to be their guide on their journey to start or grow their business. Tamara had booked a discovery call and she was able to take immediate, focused action afterward.

Monika has highly developed eyes for business. It was great that her eyes helped me to set priorities, and also helped me see that owning a company is not just for “Mr. Directors”.

Sandra Souisa

Director, Holistic Health Centre Een & Al – Hilversum, The Netherlands

Very inspiring! It has made me realize what point I must first address in my life. And you know what? I immediately planned all kinds of (exciting) agreements to achieve this. Thank you for this final push, that I needed just a little more in this year that was going to be tough for me!

Tamara K.

Thinking about starting a business, (no photo and last name for privacy reasons)

Monika is simply the best. I now have a good idea how to start up my new business.

Rob Meijer

Tutoring Expert, Back on Track Factory

I would be delighted to work with you and help you scale your business authentically, more aligned, and faster.

If you’re not sure which path is the best for you, no worries, let’s chat in a free discovery call.

People say how they value my approach to deeply understand you and your entrepreneurial journey.

My strengths are seeing the bigger picture and your full potential, and connecting the dots.

I’m a coach, mentor, strategic advisor, and deep thinker. These roles depend on each task and exercise.

But I’m not a consultant telling you what you should do.

I’m not an old-school marketer and salesperson either, so I’m not pushy or salesy. If I see you’re not in the right place or it’s not the right time for you, then I will honestly tell you so.

So here’s the big question for you:
do you say ‘Yes’ to your Future Self?
If so, let’s chat. Click the button below.

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