I must admit, the title is not mine. I discovered it because I made time for luck today 🙂

Early this morning, my love Victor and I hopped in our motorhome, leaving for Kaikōura. Victor is working for a project there, and I come along to keep him company, to enjoy being on the road again, and to fulfil my need to explore places.

Lucky me! I can work wherever there is wifi. And we also have our own wifi in our motorhome. That is IF there’s mobile reception. Which isn’t available everywhere in New Zealand.

Regularly, we are driving through the wop-wops* with completely dead mobile phones.

Yay, that’s plenty of time for luck!

I call it the ‘the space in between’. It’s the time to wander, to disconnect from emails, social media, meetings, and overloaded to-do lists. Because in business we are often in ‘speed hunting action’ mode and our calendar is overscheduled.

That space is a well-spent time for new things and ideas to emerge. To connect at a better and deeper level. To create new things and to catalyse new ideas into manifestation. How awesome is that?!

So what did I do today?

Well, looking at the breath-taking landscape on the way, and in Kaikōura staring at the green-blue coloured ocean – yep the photo!, enjoying a picnic lunch at the waterfront with two snoring seals nearby, visiting the local history and earthquake museum, and reading a newly bought book while enjoying the warm, sunny autumn weather.

And there I found the title ‘making time for luck’. Dorie Clark writes about it in her book ‘Stand Out, How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It”.

Here are some tips in her book how to bring more serendipity into your business life: meet new people you wouldn’t normally come across, seek out and talk to people wearing green (or another colour) that day, stop overthinking the value exchange with them, and leave one hour unscheduled during your working hours.

I haven’t read much more yet. Because I did do some work today 😉
Writing this article for example. And thanks to my Lucky Time, serendipity gave me some great unexpected topics to write about and wonderful opportunities for business development 🙂

A 30-minute ‘space in between’ call with a seasoned business coach is also making time for luck. I can help you bring your ideas to life and achieve your goals. Let’s chat. You can book your space here:

Wishing you heaps of serendipity!

Monika de Neef

PS 1:
I started to research Serendipity in Business. It’s absolutely NO woo woo… Scientists, futurists, and innovators are using the serendipity process consciously to create more opportunities and better outcomes!

PS 2:
Wop-wops is Kiwi slang for the middle of nowhere, far from civilisation